Are you a fan of the Oscar Awards 2022? The incident between Chris and Will is a hot topic on all social media platforms. The incident is being shared by the United States audience, United Kingdom and Canada. They are also influenced by the knowledge of Dave Chappelle on Will Smith.

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Why did Will slap rock?

We must disclose the incident before we can judge this report. Chris, the presenter, was a wisecracker about Jada’s hair on Oscar’s Eve. Alopecia caused her hair to fall severely. Will couldn’t control his impulses and ran randomly towards Rock, ramming the presenter. Jada was horrified and Will screamed at him not to make such unforgivable comments. Chris did not react aggressively and kept the night’s show going.

Dave Chappelle Comments on Will Smith

Similar incident occurred twenty years ago, when Dave made a witty comment on JA Rule, a popular show on MTV. The September 11 incident was first remembered by netizens. This is still happening after twenty years. Dave stated that we can see JA Rule on mobile phones. He also stated that no one is interested in learning about JA Rule’s ideologies in this matter. Netizens are now questioning Will’s views, as Dave made some sly wisecracks.

JA Rule also posted a tweet about the incident. He stated that the season of slapping was now officially over in the session.

Dave Chappelle on Will Smith

Many netizens criticized Will Smith’s slap on Chris. Chris was bombarded with questions about his banal comments. The audience is curious to hear about Dave Chappelle’s views. The paparazzi asked Dave questions, but he didn’t respond. People are also speculating that Dave would not have been silent if it had been Rock, but he was a presenter. He would have boiled Smith until his wife and he left the show. Fans speculate that this might be the response of Dave Chappelle on Will Smith.

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This post summarizes all the details of the Oscars night incident. This post will give you insight into Dave’s views on the incident. You will also learn about the incident between Dave and JA Rule twenty years ago.

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