This post will discuss Dark Clouds Over Elberton Review which is a recent documentary that has become very popular.

You may be wondering why Dark Clouds Over Elberton became so popular on the internet. We will be focusing on this documentary in this post. You’ll learn every detail about it. This documentary is a hot topic on the internet in the United Statesand other countries, because it offers so much wisdom that you won’t get anywhere else.

We’ll also discuss a different documentary. It is exciting and very different. It is distinguished by its unique story. Let’s move on to Dark Clouds Over Elberton Review.

The Dark Clouds Over Elberton.

As stated above, the documentary is directed by Christian J. Pinto and features J. Michael Bennett as well as Ron Hight. The DVD was released on July 31, 2015, which is seven years earlier than the original.

It is 2 hours long, and can be purchased as a DVD. You can order it from major shipping companies like Amazon.

The storyline Shadows Over Elberton

R.C., a stranger. Christian, a stranger by the name of R.C., visited Elberton in Georgia in late 1970s. There he commissioned the construction a large granite monument.

Everyone who has ever visited The Georgia Guidestones or heard about it since 1980 has been intrigued by R.C. Christian’s motivations and true identity are still unknown. R.C., the project, and its participants are all examined. The documentary features Christian himself. You should definitely give the documentary a chance if you find the story intriguing.

Dark Clouds Over Elberton Review.

The documentary has had a lot positive and negative reviews online. However, the majority of them are positive.

Amazon’s documentary DVD has over 4.2/5 ratings based on customer reviews. Sixty percent of those ratings are five stars. The DVD has many positive reviews from customers on several review sites.

Wayne stated that the following reviews were written: – “True story, backed up with research and personal witness’, garth tardy added – Ed Mack said – ‘Unethical data gathering’, – The Georgia Guidestones “Decoded”‘. Dark Clouds Over Elberton Revieware mostly favorable, which makes it an excellent watch.

Final Verdict –

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