A woman has a very particular place in her heart for bangles. A set of daily wear bangles always completes their classic style and enhances their outfit, whether they are part of modest collections or elaborate ones. Bangles hold a unique significance in traditional Indian styles for determining a bride’s overall appearance as well.

Simple gold bangles are a common item that is frequently worn by women in Indian families. However, selecting the ideal pair of simple gold bangles for daily wear and preserving them is a challenge in and of itself.

The newest daily wear bangles focus on subtly increasing the level of style, and there are many options available in various materials, colours, forms, and sizes for practically every situation. You can find a variety of daily wear bangles at Mia by Tanishq today!

Gold Bangles for Work and Home

For those who want to wear their bangles daily, we advise choosing plain gold bangles without stones. These are not intricately designed but they are a classic and will not create a hindrance while the person is working. 

Earlier, women were involved in heavy domestic tasks and found it difficult to style daily wear bangles and maintain their look. However, with the minimal designs available, this won’t be an issue. With no stones or particularly no big designs on the bangles, they won’t get stuck to the outfit or get damaged due to daily wear and tear.

When purchasing daily wear bangles be sure to pair them with a brace that is fastened to the bangle to preserve the bangle’s shape. Their simplicity makes it easy to maintain them. Just bear in mind that it is best to remove it while washing dishes or handling any chemical, to protect its lustre.

How to Choose Daily Wear Bangles

The durability, design, and quantity of gold are three of the most important qualities to consider when choosing simple daily wear bangles.

Gold bangles that are lightweight and suitable for daily wear are frequently favoured over bulky ones. This is because they get in the way and are more likely to get damaged if not broken. Due to their basic, and unadorned designs, they can be paired with any kind of outfit. 

Before choosing a set of bangles, make sure to examine their heaviness. You wouldn’t want to wear heavy bangles around your wrist daily since it can cause aches in your wrists. 18kt gold bangles should be appropriate for wearing daily.

Checklist for Daily Wear Bangles

One might want to prepare a quick checklist before purchasing the collection of daily wear bangles to make sure they are buying the right one. Daily wear jewellery must be robust and simple for its conservation. Bangles with delicate pieces can be reserved to be worn at special events.

  • If you are planning to wear gold bangles, they should be made of 18 and 22-karat gold. Anything less pure will cause the gold to tarnish and deteriorate over time. 
  • Purchase gold daily wear bangles that are a little bigger around the wrist. You will have no difficulty taking the bangles off or fitting them on because it makes them easy to wear.
  • When you take off your gold bangles at night, make sure they are stored properly.

Matching the Recent Trend of Wearing Simple Gold Bangles by Mia by Tanishq

Every jewellery lover’s collection should include a few gold bangles not just for traditional use but also because they look great. Gold bangles can be worn by both kids and adults as they are durable. So, if you are planning to purchase a set of daily wear bangles, we have your back. 

You can explore the wide range of daily wear bangles ranging from gold to diamond studded ones at Mia by Tanishq! So, what are you waiting for? Take your pick as per the occasion and your taste!