Most of us have probably seen or heard something about Big Rich Texas on television. You might have heard about Cynthia Davis, her daughter Alexandra. Alexandra is not afraid to get into controversy. Everyone wants to learn more.

Cynthia Davis Texas Alexandra has accused a billionaire of being the father to her billionaire daughter. This news is spreading fast and people are beginning to investigate every detail. Let’s go deeper into Alexandra’s claims about her father.

Cynthia Davis, who is she?

American actress. Her most notable performance was in Cooley High, which she starred in in 1975. Recent news brought Cynthia Davis to the forefront thanks to the web series Big Rich Texas which was released in 2011. Alexandra, Cynthia’s daughter, starred in this series as well.

Cynthia Davis Dallas, her daughter and others are currently embroiled in a controversy.

Alexandra Davis is Cynthia Davis’s biological daughter and has filed a complaint against Dallas cowboys ranch jerry Joenes owner. Alexandra’s lawyers filed suit in Dallas court claiming that Cynthia and jerry jones had a relationship in which she got pregnant. Cynthia reached an agreement with Jerry Jones that she would provide financial support to Alexandra’s mother and child.

Alexandra Davis has made a plea to the Dallas court to show that she’s not legally bound in any of the settlements between Cynthia Davis, Big Rich Texas and jerry jones. She stated that her financial trust was important to her. She has asked the court for a declaration declaring that the settlement agreement is void.

The Lawsuit Allegations against Jerry Jones.

Cynthia was divorced from her husband at the time she met Jones. Jones pursued her and they entered into a romantic relationship. Alexandra was also born in 1996 from this relationship. It was revealed that Cynthia’s husband wasn’t her father but that she is the daughter Jerry Jones. This incident was kept quiet by Jones and his lawyer. They reached a settlement agreement with Cynthia Davis Texas. Cynthia would receive 57,000 dollars.

A deal was reached between the two that Jones would provide financial support to both mother and child so long as she does no publicize it. Another settlement was made in which Alexandra received some funding from Jerry Jones until she was 21 years old, and a yearly sum when she was 24, 26, or 28 years.


In this article we will discuss the alleged relationships between Cynthia Davis, her billionaire father and jerry Jones. We also saw a settlement between Cynthia Davy Texasand Jerry Jones in order to keep the secret about jones being Alexandra’s biological father.