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Do you want to purchase the latest trendy clothes? Have you been unable to locate a shopping website that has clothing of different styles? Then this website could be the perfect fit for you. The site has received a variety of positive reviews from people across America. United States.

In this post today about Review of Curveladies We will concentrate on each aspect of this portal for shopping as well as further information on its merits. To learn more, check out the blog listed below.

What is

This is an amazing world-wide online store that deals with a variety of clothing specifically made specifically for women. This website offers an extensive selection of accessories, dresses, and other items that women will love. The quality of their merchandise is exceptional, they offer comfy fittings for all feminine ladies.

But, it is an online shopping website. A buyer isn’t sure about the site and would like to be aware is Curveladies legitimate? We’ve provided more information about the website below in order to better understand its legitimacy.

To be identified:

  • The URL of
  • It was the birthplace of the Webpage 18/05/2021
  • The expiration date of the webpage isat 18/05/2023.
  • Service through Email[email protected]
  • Office addressThe portal has not disclosed any information about its address.
  • Information for contactingContact number is available.
  • The name of the Web-developerNo information about the Web-developer on their website.
  • Delivery time Delivery time It can take 3-7 working days to ship the order.
  • Service of free delivery:It provides free shipping for purchases of $79 or more.
  • Standard Shipping Policy:According to Curveladies Reviews , It takes between 9 and 16 days for delivery of the item via normal shipping timeframe.
  • Social logoThe social media logo appears on their website.
  • Custom fees:It charges custom duties from the client for its products.
  • Service for returnIt has an unconditional 15-day return policy on all of its products.
  • Payment methods– Master Card, Paypal, Visa, etc.

The positive aspects from

  • It offers free shipping.
  • It provides a variety of payment methods.
  • It has also shared its Email Id to improve support for customers.

Drawbacks of

  • It has not yet shared its customer contact information. service.
  • It does not mention the office location, that is mandatory.
  • It doesn’t provide any details about its website developer.

Is Curveladies Legit or Scam Web-portal?

Buyers must read all the details of this portal before making purchases on this website-portal. Below are some factors that will allow you determine the validity of the website:

  • The date of birth for the website:It was introduced on 18/05/2021, with a typical experience in the market of web-based services.
  • Contact Number: No contact phone number is listed on the home page.
  • Social Media Logo: No social media logo is visible on their site.
  • Index of Trust:It has an average trust score of approximately 45 percent.
  • Office address:By following Curveladies Reviews, The website has not revealed any details about their address on their website.
  • Copy Content Ratio: The web portal has no duplicate content.
  • Position in Alexa:The website has received an international Alexa rank of approximately #257793.
  • Refund timeIt provides a the opportunity to return within 5-15 days for all its products.
  • Non-refundable products The site does not provide any information on the non-refundable items is provided on their website.
  • Details of cancellationsThe web-portal lets to cancel orders prior to delivery.
  • Exchange item information:The web-portal provides an easy exchange policy for all of its products.

Curveladies Reviews:

The website has a variety of customer reviews for each item, mostly five stars. However, no reviews are posted on the trusted platforms. The website does not have logos for social media, however its Alexa ranking of this site is at or around 2657793 which indicates the authenticity of the website. The customers should investigate – simple and straightforward ways to get a refund from PayPal.

Summing Up:

The site has a variety of customers. The site has an average experience on the market. Additionally, the website is rated as average in the Trust Index . However, the site does not have a social media logo on their site. It does however have several reviews from customers reviews of Curveladies on their official website however there are no reviews on the internet.

It appears to be a fraudulent site, and we can’t recommend every person to purchase on this website, but those who are experienced can use this website. It is also recommended to verify: their identity. how do I receive a refund on scams with credit cards.