The launch of chapter 3 season one of Fortnite games, comes with numerous problems for players from Canada, the United Kingdom, Canada, Netherland,and the United States. Fortnite has added new map, characters skins and even new ways to play the most recent version.

Players must take on a variety of quests throughout this time to earn freebies. Gamers who want freebies can take on Delta one quest to gain access to Crimson Omen spray till 17th December 2021.

To learn more on Delta one Quest and Crimson Omen Spray, click here to read Crouch Beyond the Barrier Fortnite until the final.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1:

The players of Fortnite are also required to complete in the wake of the launch of the third season of chapter 3 5th December 2021. There are a variety of new characters to get to use in the game, but they’ll have to purchase an account to battle before they can use them.

To get a battle pass the player must pay 950 V bucks that’s about $7.99. Gamers can utilize the battle pass to access their character of preference. The characters that are unlockable include Spiderman, Shanta, and Haven.

There are five delta-one quests that need to complete by the players.

Crouch Behind Barrier Fortnite:

5 delta 1 Quest for the season one quest begins on the 9th of December 2021 until 17th December. For players who are interested, the five quests are listed below.

  • Collect Thrashball Memorabilia
  • Gather three COG Tags
  • Crouch behind Barrier
  • Attack your opponent with Melee Attack
  • Do shotguns cause harm to the opponent

Players must locate the Greasy Groove region on the map in order to be able to complete their Crouch behind Barrier quest. The tiny greasy Groove lies in the southeast portion of the map. It is home to a only a few houses and is blanketed in snow.

Once they have located the spot in the maps, participants have to finish the quest.

How do I finish Crouch behind the Barrier Fortnite Challenge?

The latest version requires participants to go through the mission onceand the mission will be complete. Five barriers are on the map. To complete the quest, players have to cross one of them.

The five places shown on this map are shown below.

  • One of the locations is right next to the gas station that makes an uneasy sound
  • The player will find it on the outside of warehouses located at Logjam Lumberyard
  • Condo Canyon gas station
  • Place that is opposite Coney Crossroad gas station
  • Close to Greasy Groove gasoline station

The five spots that players should aim for to complete Crouch Behind Barrier Fortnite Quest. It is recommended that players go to any of the areas with cement-based barriers and then crouch behind it in order to finish the quest.

If it’s not the first time Try moving around the area until it is confirmed.

Last verdict

Players must be quick and complete the quest since it’s only available until 17th December. the quest will be over after the specified date.