If you are a person with a love in crafts, then there are numerous tools and gadgets available on the market to simplify your work. But, in this article we’ll introduce you to an online shop that offers equipment to help you create beautiful projects. The site delivers across all of the United States and the United Kingdom.

Let’s find out more about the shop through these Cricutsmart.shop Review Reviews.

What is Cricutsmart.shop?

Cricutsmart.shop can be described as an online store which sells paper cutting equipment. The site has several machines that have various features that can help you create stunning projects, and if you’re an artist, this machine is the perfect one for you. Additionally, it allows you to cut up to 100 different materials to make various products like t-shirts cards, card, home decor and custom-made items.

Today, the site is offering 60% off on “Cyber sale Monday” where users can search for the perfect machine. Also, users are able to save cash on shipping costs as well.

However experts have discovered some skepticisms regarding this site that we’ve listed below under section Is Cricutsmart.shop legit area of our site.

What are the T&C that are available through Cricutsmart.shop?

  • Website URL- cricutsmart.shop
  • Domain registration date-29/10/2021
  • Links to social media sitesare not made public
  • Shipping fee: Free delivery
  • Time to ship: 6-8 business days for arrival time
  • Order return policy-5 business days
  • Refund policy for orders 7-14 business days
  • Payment options: Visa, PayPal, and Mastercard
  • Email address- [email protected]
  • Location- 2161 Green St, Cambria, CA 93428, US
  • The number of the phone is not available.
  • Products- Paper cutting machine

If you’re satisfied with the service and are looking forward to placing an order with the cutting machine It is strongly recommended to read this Cricutsmart.shop Review blog until the end.

What would be the advantages of purchasing from this website?

  • The website is hosting the sale on Mondays where customers will receive 60% off.
  • Positive reviews are posted on the site.
  • Shipping costs are not included.
  • There are a variety of machines on the site.

What would be the negatives of purchasing on this site?

  • There are mixed opinions online.
  • It does not provide all contact information.
  • There is no mention of social media on the site.
  • It was just created.

Is Cricutsmart.shop Legit?

As part of our investigation, we’ve gathered some details about the site to help users understand the purpose of the website more clearly. If you’ve decided to purchase from this store, take your time, and go through the checkpoints outlined below.

  • Domain launched up to date The domain name was launched just a month ago. It was launched 29/10/2021.
  • Date of termination of domain namesThe domain’s name will have less validity since it will expire on the 29th October, 2022.
  • The comments of shoppers are no doubt that the site contains good ratings as well as decent shoppers’ Cricutsmart.shop reviews about it.
  • Alexa rank: According to the global survey website’s Alexa rank is 2295335.
  • Quality of Content – The complete content on the site is copied.
  • Trust rank- The attained Trust rank was 14.1/100.
  • Originality of the address- It’s sad that the website has an untrue address.
  • Trust score: the gained trust score is not as high since it’s only 1 %.
  • Website offers a variety of unrealistic deals. provides a Monday-only discount and buyers can take advantage on free delivery.
  • Social media connections – there aren’t any social media links taken from the official portal.

How do I read the Cricutsmart.shop Reviews of customers’ Cricutsmart.shop Reviews?

We’ve evaluated both of the aspects prior to writing our conclusion. Additionally, the website contains positive reviews. However, at the same time we cannot deny the fact that negative feedback is posted via trusted external links like Reddit. Additionally, many are saying that this isn’t an authentic circuit website and is a rip-off store. There is 2.9-star reviews on Trustpilot and the customers are calling it fraudulent.

The Bottom Line

In our analysis and research we have concluded that this site isn’t credible as it has earned low scores and Cricutsmart.shop reviews from customers. Some are even claiming that the site isn’t genuine. Therefore, we ask that you stay clear of any store that is fraudulent until and until you have received solid proof to show its credibility.