Since unemployment is rising all over in the United States, fraudsters are finding new ways of scamming on the people. Scammers are becoming more sophisticated and are utilizing new methods to scam people.

Recently, a lot of residents in America have been notified of the latest scam online. Scammers are targeting victims with the promise of financial aid or assistance. The victims are receiving fake fraudulent calls from scammers who claim to offer financial assistance. The reality is the opposite: they take their personal information to commit fraud.

We will keep you informed about the latest Credit National Assist Scam.

What exactly is Credit National Assist?

Credit National Assist or Credit National Assistance is an institution that provides financial services located in the United States managed by experts with extensive experience with debt settlement. The business is focused on helping the elderly and helping them manage their debts.

This company enjoys a good relationship with the major credit card firms as well as debt collection law firms as well as collection companies. In addition, the team that works for the company has a wealth of experience in negotiations with financial institutions to free you from debts.

The company’s focus is on providing non-debt relief programs that are unsecured and plans that offer a suitable loan modification that debt counseling and consolidation firms aren’t able to provide.

What exactly is Credit National Assist Scam?

People across America have been notified of a new fraud linked with Credit National Assist. It’s a scam in which individuals receive voicemails and calls that come from numbers they don’t know. The callers claim to represent themselves as representatives of Credit National Assist Company and contact them to offer fake financial assistance and help in settling their credit card as well as other debts.

Some people have complained that they’ve received constant messages from an unsuspecting number like 888-206-4766, 888-675-1360 and others. Scammers use different names for this Credit National Assist Scam. They call and request people to give their contact information in order to receive financial assistance.

If they dial the number the caller is requested to provide their confidential and personal information. They don’t receive any financial aid or acknowledgement. This is why you should avoid falling for these frauds.

What are people’s reactions in this Scam?

After reviewing, we realized that a large number of people are victimized by fraudsters, particularly older people who have no idea about frauds.

Numerous people have spoken out concerns about Credit National Assist Scam and claimed they received up to four or five calls per day that claimed that they were the company Credit National Assist. The scammer claims to provide the aid of financial assistance however, they need your information to process the aid.

There have been instances where people received voice messages from callers who claimed that they were the Credit National Assist Company. They advise them to call back and request the financial aid that was pre-approved.


Scammers are targeting people across America through the credit National Assist scam. It is recommended not to provide any personal information with unknown callers without checking their credentials. Besides,