Do you enjoy wearing slogan-printed T-shirts? These t-shirts are extremely trendy. Crazylozzy offers a wide selection of these t-shirts. Customers in Canada can enjoy many discounts from this shop. This Crazylozzy Reviews post will tell you all about the discounts and offers this website offers to its customers.

This post will provide all the information you need to learn about this site. Keep scrolling.

Overview of Crazylozzy Shop

Crazylozzy Shop is an online shop where customers can purchase a wide range of eye-catching t-shirts. They also have a great selection of camping tents that you can rent for your family and friends if camping is something you enjoy. They only have a few products. You can find out more about their collection by clicking the link below.

  • T-shirts featuring slogans
  • Camping tents open to the public

Is Crazylozzy Legit? How do you know if Crazylozzy is legitimate? You can use certain factors to determine if the website is legitimate or fraudulent. These factors will help you determine if the website is legitimate. Online shopping is becoming more dangerous due to increasing scams. These risks should be known. We have now covered all details regarding Crazylozzy’s legitimacy.

Features of Crazylozzy Shop

  • Purchase t-shirts from
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Address: Les Escoumins, 4375 St Jean Baptiste St, Quebec 0T 1K0
  • Phone: +1 272-888-1109
  • Our team could not find any Crazylozzy Reviews relevant on any of the online review sites. The official website also does not offer any opinions about their products.
  • Shipping Policy: All orders in Canada are free and will be delivered within 3-9 business days.
  • Return Policy: You can return your product within 20 days if you are not satisfied. You can return all damaged products within a specified time.
  • Payment Modes: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, etc.

Positive Highlights

  • You can access email, address details and phone numbers.
  • Our customer service team is available 24/7.
  • Economy shipping is available.

Negative Highlights

  • We did not find any reviews on any official or online website.
  • Social media pages do not highlight relevant details.

Is Crazylozzy Legit?

Crazylozzy shop provides its services online. Online sites can be vulnerable to other harmful factors such as online hacking and manipulations of data. If you wish to protect your information from an unknown website, please verify that it is legitimate. Please review the information in this section.

  • Registration Date March 19, 2022 is Crazylozzy’s registration date. It’s a new website.
  • Trust Score This website has a trust score of only two percent. This website cannot be approved due to its low trust score.
  • Registrar Crazylozzy shop has been registered through 123-Reg Limited
  • Buyers Opinions The official website doesn’t have any Crazylozzy Reviews in their collection. Aside from that, there are no ratings on any online review portals.
  • Social Networks We couldn’t find any social networks that connected to this website. This website is not popular.
  • Data Security The website uses HTTPS protocol. It protects your data from manipulation and saves them.
  • Missing Information: This website contains all information regarding contact details. However, the website does not mention the owner’s information.
  • Expiry Date March 19, 2023 is Crazylozzy’s expiry date.
  • Policy: In their respective sections, we have listed the return, shipping and exchange policies.

Crazylozzy Reviews

There is a small selection of products in the shop. Also, there are no ratings or reviews. This leaves the buyer in doubt. We haven’t seen any reviews on any review websites. This makes the website suspicious and dubious. You can report any scam website on the government portals. We did not find any pages on Instagram and Facebook. These are all signs that the website is fake.

Final Summary

This post on Crazylozzy Reviews summarizes our findings that the website was discovered this year around four months ago. It has a trust score of only two percent, which is not good. This website is not legitimate and we can’t recommend it.