This Christmas season, are you planning to purchase shoes for your own use (or) present it to someone as a present? In the festive season it is commonplace to shop online, comparing price and discount, but are often unaware of the legitimacy of online stores. Profiting from the behavior of customers many shopping websites earn profits from America. United States.

If you plan to buy shoes from we suggest that you go through Counbackshoe reviews..

Description of

Counbackshoe is an online retailer which sells a variety of women, men and kids’ shoes. sandals shoes, boots, laces backpacks, socks, bags and other shoe care products.

Specifications in Counbackshoe:

  • Address for email: The customer service email address is [email protected].
  • URL:not provided
  • Contact information: Customer service phone number is not listed.
  • Links to social media:not present.
  • Privacy Policies Privacy Policy is stated. However, it’s a plagiarized version.
  • Terms of Service It is subject to U.K. law. The person who purchases the product must be more than 18 years old in order to use the Counbackshoe. We know that you’d want to know the Counbackshoe Legit. Let’s look over this information in the next section.
  • Delivery: The order will be completed within between one and four working days
  • Shipping policyExpedited delivery takes between 3 and 7 working days. Standard orders require 7-10 working days. Flat rate shipping can take 7-25 days to arrive.
  • Refunds and cancellationsYou may cancel the order prior to shipping. After the shipment (or) delivery or delivery, you should call customer service with your order number as well as a valid reason to return the order. Return courier fees have been paid by the buyer.
  • The refund process is as follows:The product should be intact and in the original packaging in order to be eligible for a return. Our Counbackshoe Reviewregarding refunds confirm that the original method of payment will be credited within 20 working days.
  • Payment method:You can pay through Visa, Master Card, Mastro Card and American Express.


  • The items are offered with a great discount, which can be from 68% to 68 percent off.
  • The products are illustrated using diverse pictures.
  • A complete description is included for each item.
  • Free shipping on all products.

negative highlights:

  • Filtering products based upon different factors is not possible.
  • There is no way to get customer reviews or feedback.
  • The customer service is not easy to contact for refunds or returns.

We also provide complete information on how to verify the authenticity of below.

Does Counbackshoe Legit ?

  • The creation of the Domain The 5th of November, 2021 will be the date for registration for this website.
  • Webpage Age this website was made 18 days ago. This means it’s an extremely young website that you can trust.
  • Website Expiry Date:The Counbackshoe expires on November 5, 2022. The website is expected to expire on 5 November 2022. lifespan.
  • Trustworthiness The trust rank of Counbackshoe is 11% which is as a low-trust score.
  • The country of the originThe site’s information on registration doesn’t mention the country’s name, making the site more suspect.
  • The proximity for Suspicious websites: 100/100. The website is suspicious.
  • Data Security: One of the aspects that we consider when we conduct the course of our Counbackshoe reviews concerns the security of data that is transmitted using a an appropriate HTTP protocol.
  • Popularity of the website:The Alexa ranking is 0.
  • Threat profile:99/100. That means that while you browse on the site your computer is exposed to attacks
  • Scam Score 96/100. The web page you access on your computer could be able to capture your information.
  • Security Score for Malware:99/100. The malicious scripts and programs may be running in the background and obtain personal information.
  • Spam score: 97/100. The website could use your email address to send you messages from spam.
  • Social relationships The site does not have a presence on social networks such for FB, Instagram, Twitter etc.
  • Owner’s information The most important information about how the website’s owner is identified. site is not made public.

Customer Counbackshoe Reviews:

Although Counbackshoe has no website on the social media websites but one review found on Reddit and YouTube states it is Counbackshoe is a fraud. There aren’t any reviews on other trusted sites. The search engine for review on Counbackshoe is filled with reviews of Shoes and reviews on other websites that sell shoes.

The Final Report:

Due to the low trust score and a high profile of threats This website has been found as suspicious.The inability to provide contact info, the persons name, and owner’s name, we recommend not to make transactions on (or) not to provide any personal information.