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Are you aware that there is a scandal at Corinthian College currently? All the news about Corinthian College’s scamming is on the internet. Many people are curious what the truth was. The college students reported the scams.

Corinthian is a profitable college. This topic has become very popular in the United States area and elsewhere. Further details are available in the post Corinthian College Scam.Read this article to learn more.

What’s happened at Corinthian College.

Corinthian College has been claimed by former students to be a fraudster. They exploited many students. To promote the college they are accused of falsifying records in prospectus and other documents. They also misrepresented placement rates for public sector jobs.

They also misled students regarding the transfer of credits, and they manipulated students’ perspectives on employment. An investigation is underway into the allegations made against the college.

Corinthian Colleges Liste

Corinthian Colleges have one of America’s biggest profit-making colleges. It has over 100 campuses in 25 American states and more than 80000 students. All of it was declared bankrupt in 2015.

  • Everest The Everest Institutes are located in New York and Arizona, Phoenix, Florida and other areas.
  • Heald college –This College offers account and business degrees in California and Oregon. They also offer online classes after the Scam closed down.
  • Wyotech –These institutions have five campuses located in Pennsylvania, Wyoming and Florida.

Corinthian College Scam! Learn about Caused Impact!

The impact it had on the lives and livelihoods of the students was immense. The US government announced that the $6 billion in loans remaining to Corinthian College Students would be cancelled. Kamala Harris, the vice president of the Education Department, announced that loan cancellation would be an option for the relief of more 560000 students at the college on Thursday, June 2.

Why is Corinthian College on the rise?

As news of the Scam spread , the global closing of Corinthian College became public more people started to talk more about the Corinthian College Scam which attracted a lot more attention.

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On social media, students are complaining, commenting and even boycotting the college. This makes it more difficult for the authority to make the right decisions for the benefit of the students as well as the education system. Click on the given link to Learn more about the Corinthian College Case.

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