When you are developing a content strategy, you should take into consideration a list of what you are going to measure. This is the only way to improve. How else do you know whether you are doing things right? Monitoring and evaluation helps you measure progress and asses the effectiveness of content. That is why after posting your content online, you should follow it up! Check it out and find out how it is performing! Do you want to know if your articles are really attractive? Read and test your content.

Site traffic

When you write content, you want people to find it, don’t you? Well, this metric will help you to know if you are succeeding. Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. It is therefore a key indicator of content marketing.

If your content is good, it will rank. Google will help. Organically, of course. This means, totally free! This search engine ranks the best content at the top of Google search results when someone wants to know about a particular topic. However, if your content is not good enough, at least for Google, it doesn’t matter how much effort you put into writing it, nobody will read it. Therefore, you should make sure that your content meets SEO guidelines!

Average time on page

This metric is closely related to another one: bounce rate. Both will indicate the level of engagement of your content. In other words, how attractive your content is to your users! Interesting, isn’t it? Of course!

If you have boring content, you can be sure that readers will spend as little time as possible on it. You must create content that engages the audience enough that they really want to know the whole story, from beginning to end! But how do you know if they have read all the content? This can be found out easily, through the average time on the page. Monitor time spent and find out if your content is being interesting or if you need to improve it.

Returning visitors

Another important point to consider when measuring content marketing is the number of returning visitors. If a reader comes back to your article, congratulations! In marketing terms, this is known as loyalty. 

Social shares of your content

These are the number of times people shared your content. In other words, how viral it is in the digital world! The power of social media is so great that, in seconds, your content can be shared by millions all over the world! As you can see, the content you create can reach levels you could not even have imagined! So, if your content is really engaging, you can attract many potential customers! Take advantage of this metric and keep growing your business! 

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Percentage of conversion

Writing effective copywriting for websites is a unique challenge. Lead generation is not an easy task. It is hard, but it is essential. Everyone wants to grow their business, and this can only be achieved toward a numerical goal result: ROI. That is why this is one of the most important metrics for companies! Remember: your content must convert because your company must generate revenue. If your content isn’t converting, something is wrong. Call your readers to action!


It can be concluded that all these different aspects definitely have a great impact on content marketing, and, every professional who is in this world cannot forget them. This is, in fact, useful even for those who are interested and want to know how to learn about content marketing.