The famous representative from the United States House of Representatives, Devin Nunes has announced on Monday that he’s leaving his position within the next week in order to be a part of the Trump Media and Technology Group.

Within hours of the announcement, many reports are being circulated on the internet. He has resigned his congressional seat to be the next chief executive officer of Trump’s media company , which plans to introduce its social media application and website.

Representative Devin Nunes, the House Intelligence Committee’s top member, earned fame from the right and adulation from the left, when Nunes stood up for Trump during the 2016 presidential election as part of an investigation into Russia’s interference.

What is Devin Nunes?

Devin Nunes or Devin Gerald Nunes is a politician and former dairy farmer from the United States. He currently serves in the position of US representative for the 22nd Congressional District of California since 2003.

Being a fervent member in and active member of the Republican Party, he also was the chair of the House Intelligence Committee from 2015-2019.

Recently, however the man is on the news due to an announcement made by him on the morning of Monday. The announcement was made that he would resign as Rep. for 22nd Congressional District and plans to be the new president of Trump’s media company.

Congressman Devin Nunes – Early Life, Education, and Career

Devin Nunes was born to Anthony and Toni Daine Nunes on 1st October 1973. He is the elder of two sons. His family started a dairy company within Tulare County called Nunes & Sons. In 2006, the family business was operating successfully however, in 2006 they sold the property to buy the new dairy farm located in Sibley Lowa.

He earned an Associate of Arts degree from the College of the Sequoias back in 1993. He then completed his degree in the year 1995 at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and has an undergraduate degree in Agriculture. He also completed an MBA degree in 1996, in the field of agriculture. After finishing his education, he returned to farming.

At the age of 23 Representative Devin Nunes was elected for the first time as the broad member of the College of the Sequoias, which made his the youngest trustee for the a community college in California. In 2002, he was the as the general student body member in the school.

He was appointed as California State Director of the USDA’s Rural Development section. He was appointed under the presidency of George William Bush in 2001.

Why Devin Nunes resigns from in the House?

Rep. Devin Nunes, R-California, has already declared the resignation of Congress to become the Chief Executive Officer for Trump’s newly formed social media company beginning in January 2022.

Representative Devin Nunes is the most powerful Republican member of the House Intelligence Committee. However, he’s going to be appointed his new position as the Trump Media and Technology Group CEO.


Devin Nunes has already announced that he will resign to take over as CEO of the former presidential media house beginning next month.

The announcement put him in the spotlight since he is the most powerful Republican working in the House Intelligence Committee. Soon, he’ll be leaving the House and become the president of Trump Media and Technology Group.