This article discusses the recent Commbank scam Text, as well as some case examples.

What are the chances of you being scammed? There are many ways to fall for the scam and lose your money. Customers of CommBank experienced a similar experience recently.

The fraudulent scams involving Commonwealth Bank, located in Sydney, Australia has been highlighted in recent news. The scam has been affecting many people over the past months. Continue reading for more information about Commbank Fraud Text.

What is the situation?

Commonwealth Bank sent a warning email to its customers about the phishing scam in January 2022. The bank claimed that it had temporarily suspended their accounts. The bank alerted 15.9 Million customers that scammers had sent them a series of scamming emails.

A few weeks back, an elderly couple in Australia received a mysterious text. They lost $7000. Sarah Towers (a University student) was similarly scammed. Her hacker hacked into her NetBank, and she was robbed of approximately $3000. The hackers disabled her NetBank notifications, then took several suspect transactions out of her account without her being aware.

More about Commbank Scam

Many have fallen for this text message scam in the past few weeks. Chantel, an Australian woman from Victoria, was also targeted by SMS scammers.

Chantel received a text from Omnicron stating, “You have been in close touch with someone who has contracted Omnicron. Click the link below to request a free PCR kit. You will find a link at the end.

The Medicare website then sent the recipient a message. She was called and told by a man she was being swindled. However, she later discovered that he had been a conman.

Commbank Scamnews is circulating since a while. Many people are susceptible to being conned. According to victims, these scammers work as professionals.

In the case an elderly couple, they received a text saying that their doctor had left them a voicemail. They assumed it was something serious, as they had both suffered strokes earlier. After clicking, they received strange calls. Later their bank account displayed two transactions of $7000.

SMS Phishing

Commonwealth Bank recommends that customers be alert. Taken from the Commbank Scam , customers should be extra careful and protect their bank information.

Commonwealth Bank does NOT ask for bank information via email or SMS. If you suspect that there is a scam, immediately call 13 22 21, You can report suspicious email to [email protected]. If you get calls claiming to be from the bank, ask for your details and hang up.

Final Verdict

One can learn from others’ mistakes and scams. These phishing text messages might claim your account is under review or that it is being registered on a different device. You might click the link and log-in to your account details get more information but ultimately fall for it.