Are you searching for a website to purchase clothes, shoes, and a myriad of other items? If yes then read on because you’ll be entertained.

Today, we’ll present an online site called People in The United Kingdom are seeking out information about the website. But, before we dive into reviews to verify its legitimacy Let’s take a look at the site is about.

What is is a website store which sells children’s clothing, clothes, products, and other items at affordable costs. Additionally, they offer discounts up to 50%, and this continues to increase for the website. As a result, the site has earned popularity and trust of customers.

Buyers from all over across the United Kingdom can get access to an unlimited number of websites. is one of the sites that claim to sell reliable products. The site is well-organized and controlled however, we have doubts. Let’s find out whether legitimate or not.

Specifications of

Before deciding on an e-commerce platform for their final purchase site, buyers or customers must carefully examine each category. In this section, we can assist buyers in obtaining authenticating. Please read the following information.

  • Domain Registration Date – 23 rd September 2021
  • com URL –
  • Email Address – [email protected]
  • Mobile Number – +447723598988
  • Official Address – Mentioned
  • Payment Methods – Paypal, VISA, MasterCard and many more
  • Social Networking Platforms – Absent
  • Return Policy of Within 14 days from the date of purchase
  • Refund Rule – Mentioned

We’ve been able to comprehend the features and details offered by the website. Check out all the reviews and details prior to making a purchase.

Benefits of purchasing at

  • The buyer’s personal information is secure on the website because it’s SSL secured.
  • The items are on sale at 50% off.
  • The site offers a wide assortment of clothes for all seasons.
  • The website publishes the address and phone number of the company.
  • The website offers a range of payment options to be it certain the customer isn’t in any trouble.

Cons of purchasing through

  • The feedback section for consumers on the platform is missing.
  • The website has an index score of 2 percent which is not good.
  • The website offers discounts of as high as 50 percent, which means the website a bit of a fraud.
  • The identity of the owner is absent from the website This could be a cause for suspicion.

Is Legit?

As the current internet scams are at their highest and buyers must be aware of all areas of concern. In the present, many websites that are not masked operate on the internet to fulfill their fraudulent goals.

  • Domain age The website was launched on 23 3 September 2021. That makes it just five months old.
  • The Trust Score The website has an average trust score of 2 percent on the scale that is a huge negative signal.
  • Alexa Ranking The Alexa Ranking Since the portal is still new and is still in development, the Alexa score of this website is 0.
  • Feedback from users There aren’t any Com Reviewson the official website.
  • Link to social networks Unfortunately, the website does not have active social accounts.
  • The content’s integrityThe description of the item and the design of the interface appear to be copied from.
  • Discount Discount – Customers can get up to 50% discount on their purchases during the sale on the website.
  • The authenticity of the addressThe actual address is contained in the website.
  • Owner InformationWhen we looked at we did not find any data that could be associated with the owner of the company.

Below, we’ve created some basic details to help in determining the site’s credibility. Based on this data we can conclude that the site is suspicious. Reviews

When purchasing online, customer feedback plays an crucial role in making the purchase smooth. This website has been rated poorly for its merchandise in the most recent review. Unfortunately, online review sites don’t offer reviews. The legitimacy of the website is assessed by the site’s reviews.

Thus, determining whether the site is legitimate or fake isn’t easy. Buyers should not purchase any item from the website until they’ve verified whether the website is legitimate.


While the website features the most current outfits and merchandise , analysts have identified a few flaws which make the website appear suspicious. In the end, users are advised to wait for the most authentic reviews and other information as the website is brand new.