Are you aware of your knowledge of the Humber strike? Are you aware that OPSEU (Ontario-Public-Service-Employees) will strike in recent times? Yes You read that right. A faculty member warned college employers to prepare for strike action on the 18th day of March 2022. This Friday is at midnight.

The Union includes more than 16 thousand faculty members at Ontario College in Canada and in the United States.

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about the strike

Twenty-four colleges across Ontario are currently working under the work-to-action policy. At this point, 16 thousand professors, instructors as well as librarians and counselors are striking and have been able to hold their classes. The strike is a result of the unacceptable amendment as well as several issues with the agreement which expired in September 2021.

CEC is a college employer council, as well as the OPSEU are not able to discuss the issue in conjunction with strikers. Therefore the first strike started on December 18th 2021. It’s been just three months after the strike started.

What will be the next update to Humber College Strike 2022? Let’s look further to determine it.

Demands of the OPSE Union

Members of faculty at their OPSE Union aim, to give the best possible education to all students in this school. The demands made by union members are reasonable.

It’s not unreasonable and therefore is suitable to be approved. However, Council is not accepting certain points.

The OPSE Union unresolved issues

The council has not provided an answer to the members that would acknowledge the proper responsibility of faculty members. They have responsibilities that consist of the supervision of graduate as well as undergraduate students. Furthermore, many of the duties of members are not explained by the convention.

Bargaining Team updates on College Strike 2022

JP Hornick is a member of the bargaining team. He has stated that the team would not be a part of the strike.

He also says that the demands aren’t unreasonable and are able to be met with the help of the council.

Hornick declares that all faculty members are attempting to appeal a demand that is approved by a large number of. The demands are made public in order to support students’ stability as well as managing load.

Warren Thomas is the president of the OPSE Union. Thomas believes in the bargain, and believes that the latest strike could be avoided.

The impact on Humber College Strike 2022 on students

Joshua Sankarlal is the president of the Ontario Technology Student Union. In his declaration, he says that students have lost their academic calendar over the course of at least 2 years.

He informs us that classes are currently being taught by faculty members. Students are the ones who are suffering from this strike of union members.

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This Ontario College strike is fixed to start on the 18th day of March 2022. However, the strike could be canceled after analyzing the impact it will have on students.

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