Did you catch the latest news about the Accident within Colerain? Did you understand of this information? Police later arrested a man who fled the scene of a crash.

The incident occurred close to Northgate Mall. Northgate Mall in the United States. The Colerain accident is still an investigation in progress. The multiple collisions were caused by an individual named Antonio Wofford.

The Colerain Accident turned into a major breaking story following an investigation by a group of police officers on the incident.

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The summary of the incident

A man of 31 years old who was involved in the accident was featured as a victim in different news outlets over the last 24 hours. According to the announcements of police officers, the investigation is continuing in connection with controversial topics.

The incident took place in the lovely city of Hamilton County in Ohio. This time, we’ll simplify the Colerain Ave accident.

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Current news about this wreck

  • The man who was identified by the name of Antonio Wofford was revealed as the one who was able to escape the scene following the wreckage.
  • The crash took place in the 9400 block of Colerain Avenue at about 10 a.m. early in the morning.
  • Multiple injuries after the crash resulted in the need to close Colerain Avenue literally for hours.
  • Antonio Wofford was later charged and detained after committing a brutal vehicular homicide, according in the report from Colerain cops.

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Is Colerain Accident Legit?

  • The fatal car crash at Colerain Avenue Township, Ohio is causing a 25-year old man dead and one injured, according to the report from Colerain Township officers.
  • The suspect was an American resident of Cincinnati, Ohio; he created this noise that was like a big boom.
  • Police officers say Antonio Wofford, aged 31 was driving a red Mercedes 2012 sedan in the direction of Colerain Avenue north at a extremely fast speed.
  • The suspect, during the course of his investigation, was taken into Hamilton County Justice Center. Hamilton County Justice Center, where he is charged for vehicular homicide, a legal matter.

Colerain Ave Accident more details

  • According to authorities the accident was reported by a neighboring Colerain police officer in the area. This officer is able to provide immediate assistance to the person injured.
  • In the course of time, the man was allegedly driving through an intersection and then struck the vehicle of another motorist. Kia Optima vehicle, which was driven by Ronald Washington Jr.
  • Ronald Washington Jr, was later removed from the Kia Ronald Washington Jr., who later passed away in the process, police said.
  • A witness told the story that he was constantly hearing booms following the collision with another vehicle.
  • Police officers are still looking into. Anyone who has evidence should contact directly the Colerain Avenue Police Department Unit at this number: (513)-321-2677.


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