The financial turmoil that has occurred during the pandemic in the world has led those living in the United States to look for ways to earn money easily. They’re looking for alternatives that allow people to earn cash while staying at home. To meet people’s requirements, a new website for making money is now available, Clout Zap.

Clout Zap is the online website which claims to help users earn money easily in the privacy of their homes. It lets you earn passive income through sharing of reference websites, playing games and much more.

But, before signing up on the site, users are interested in knowing if Clout Zap Scam as well as a legitimate website.

What exactly is Clout Zap?

As previously mentioned, Clout Zap is the online site that claims to aid people to earn simple and fast money online. Clout Zap claims to help people earn passive income doing challenges, playing games and by referring links to relatives and friends.

You can begin earning money by clicking your referral hyperlink, then registering for referrals, and then completing the daily tasks. Many of the well-wishers declare that it’s the most efficient method of earning extra cash during the worldwide pandemic.

But, many from the United States are in doubt about whether it’s real or just a new online scam.

Does Clout the Zap scam Or Legit?

It is wise to confirm whether a website is legitimate website prior to signing up and signing up for any tasks, particularly when it promises to help people earn money online easily. In the instance of Clout Zap we discovered numerous aspects worth being mentioned, and this will let people know if it’s a scam or genuine.

  • Clout Zap is a new website launched on October 9th, 2021. It is an 81-day old website and shouldn’t be completely trusted.
  • Additionally, the expiry date is September 9th, 2022.
  • The trust score of the website is merely 1% and the trust score is 39.6/100 which is a red flag and you should remain on guard when they use the site.
  • A majority of users were adamant that Clout Zap Scam and was not legitimate in their review. The site has received mixed feedback from users with a majority of reviews being negative. amount of reviews are negative.

We cannot confirm if the site is legitimate or a fraud because of these elements. However, we advise our readers to be vigilant and conduct a thorough investigation prior to signing up.

What do users have A Say?

As we mentioned earlier, we have came across a number of reviews on Clout Zap and all are mixed. Many people believe it’s legitimate platform to make money and assist people in making an easy passive income.

However, the majority of users claimed that Clout Zap scam and was not legitimate. The reviews also revealed that users claimed that they received no money on the agreed date following the completion of everyday activities and engaging in games. The application is to be highly suspicious, and could even be scam.

Since the majority of reviews are negative We are unable to confirm the authenticity of the review and advise our readers to conduct thorough research prior to registering to earn money online.


Clout Zap is still a brand new site to evaluate its authenticity. After reviewing, we discovered several reviews, out of which majority are negative taking into account Clout Zap scam and is not legitimate.

We encourage everyone to sign up to the website after reading the site thoroughly and should go through all the user review pages.