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Have you ever played Wordle? Did you find a word in the Wordle game that was unfamiliar to you and wondered what it meant? If so, welcome to Wordle. This game is loved by millions of people worldwide, including in the United States , Australia, India, United Kingdom , USA and other countries. Wordle users are the most likely to have noticed that the word ‘Cloat has become a worldwide trend.

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Cloat Wordle or ?

Wordle’s popularity is not a joke. This word guessing game, unlike other games played by teenagers or children, has been enjoyed by almost all age groups and in every corner of the globe.

Wordle #367 is a game many people take seriously. 21 June 2022 saw the answer as ‘GLOAT’. Many people misunderstood it for CLOAT. Cloat has become a popular term. Cloat usage and definition are often questioned by many.

Is Cloat A Word ?

Is Cloat something you’re looking for? You may have seen the Wordle 367 question titled “GLOAT”, which was answered on 21 June. Gloat refers to enjoying, taking delight in, delighting or relishing. What does it mean to be a gloat about someone? Gloating means that someone is taking great pleasure at their success or at the failure of someone they love.

CLOAT cannot be defined. However, there is the word CLOUT. It means to hit especially with hands or signify political power. While you may not have been able find the Cloat Description, we are here to help with some similar words and meanings.

Similar words

CLOOT may be a synonym for CLOAT.

  • Cloot can be described as a cloven foot or the horny covering that covers the heel of the horse or deer’s feet.
  • CLOOP refers the sound made when corks are removed from bottles.
  • CLOT means lump, clump, mass, like a blood clot. It is also used to denote a foolish or unsteady person.
  • CLOMP means that you walk a lot or very loudly.

can help you discover new words and understand their meanings by using Cloat. This one could be in your next Wordle. Be sure to win the next Wordle.


We have all the details about Wordle’s challenge 367. Wordle sometimes will ask you to guess words which you are not familiar with. This could prove frustrating and even tricky. In these cases, words such as GLOAT might be mistakenly misunderstood and mistakenly called CLOAT. Wordle is available for free on the NYT site.

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