Have you seen the Netflix crime documentary, Our Father? Our Father was available on Netflix on May 11, 2022. The documentary has been viewed over a million times and viewers are still asking questions.

This question was asked by people from the United StatesUnited Kingdom , and other countries. The most popular question from viewers was the Cline Siblings count. Is there an answer? Let’s find the answer!

Cline Siblings From Our Father

Netflix is a company that has been learning and recently released several true crime documentaries to raise awareness. Our Father, a documentary about a fertility doctor who manipulated the emotions of his patients without their consent, was released worldwide on May 11, 2022.

Donald Cline was the fertility doctor and even though he would not know how many children he had, he could tell you. The documentary ends with 94 Cline siblings identified according to the latest details.

About the Cline Siblings 2022

Today we will be discussing how half-siblings of the Cline family discovered about one another and learned that Donald Cline was their biological father.

From the 1970s through the 1990s, Donald Cline was a respected and well-respected fertility doctor in Indianapolis. Donald Cline was a fertility doctor who blessed his patients with offspring.

Jacoba Ballard, one of the Cline siblings, was featured in the documentary. She took a simple DNA test at her home and discovered the truth. Given her blonde hair and blue eyes, she had always wondered about her heritage.

How many Cline siblings are there? Donald Cline is the father of over 94 children. The count could increase as more half-siblings become known.

Where’s Donald Cline?

You are mistaken if you think Our father is a TV show. The story is true and the half-siblings of Donald Cline are involved. After more than three decades of service as a fertility physician, Donald Cline retired in 2009 as he was no longer eligible for a license. Donald Cline’s medical license was terminated by the Indiana Medical Licensing Board in 2018 after he was convicted of two felonies.

How Many Siblings was revealed and further investigations were conducted. Since then, Donald has lived a quiet life in Indianapolis in his 80s. At the moment, it is not known where Donald Cline is located.

Our Father’s Audience Reviews:

The documentary was a powerful message that the audience needed to see and be aware of the various crimes they were witnessing, but Our Father appeared to be shady and creepy to some viewers.

Others, however, seem to enjoy the way Netflix presented the story through the eyes and experiences of those who were victims of Donald Cline’s crime.

Final Words

The article below reveals Cline Siblings. It is worth knowing the truth about Donald’s victims and his quest for justice.