It’s remodeling season! Are you ready to take your bathroom to the next level?

Many people use the start of the new year to revamp the various spaces in their houses. It doesn’t have to be a massive change for it to make an impact, though.

Even just changing up what kind of shower door you use can make a significant difference.

Yet, how can you choose between a clear glass shower door and a frosted glass shower door? Which is best for you?

Keep reading to find out.

Benefits of a Clear Glass Shower Door

Let’s explore the pros and cons of a clear glass shower door, beginning with the incredible benefits.

Clear glass offers a modern, trendy design because it also opens up your entire space. Your bathroom will look larger because of this, no matter what size you have.

It will also lighten up the space because the openness prevents any light from being blocked. If you have a smaller bathroom, using lighter colors and tiles can make your space look much bigger because of this.

Because clear glass shower doors are a more modern and popular design, installing them will also help your property value go up. So, if you see yourself selling or moving in a few years, clear glass is a good choice.

Downfalls of Clear Glass

Of course, there are a few downfalls to clear glass, such as the lack of privacy.

If many different people use the bathroom, it may not work as well as frosted glass when one person needs to shower, and others need to use the sink.

Clear glass also requires a bit more cleaning because water spots and grime can show up easier. However, if you wipe it down after every use, this will be much less of a problem.

Benefits of a Frosted Glass Shower Door

Frosted glass shower doors are perfect for a household with multiple people, as they are more functional and allow for more privacy.

You also have many different choices to choose from with frosted glass, such as textured glass or rain glass. And, perhaps best of all, frosted glass requires less cleaning because water spots do not show up as often.

Downfalls of Frosted Glass

A frosted glass shower door may make your bathroom look smaller, which is its biggest downfall. It can also create a darker atmosphere because light can be more easily blocked.

If you’d like to explore even more shower door options, consider looking into a frameless shower door.

Start Your Remodeling Today

When deciding to change up your bathroom’s look, starting with the shower door is a great idea.

To choose between a clear glass shower door and frosted glass, consider your bathroom needs and how many people will be using your shower. You’ll be surprised how much this simple change can make your bathroom feel brand new.

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