Are you familiar with Clayton Echard? Did you see the trailer for “The Bachelor” Season 2? What do you know about the series? Different reactions were shown by different people from the United States to Canada to the trailer.

It is fascinating to see if Clayton achieves his dream. Are you unsure what we’re talking about? We’re here to help you understand Clayton Bachelor NFL.

Clayton Echard is who?

He was born on 29th of 1993. He is a sales representative from Eureka Missouri. His parents are Kelly and Brian, as well as his siblings Nate (and Patrick).

Clayton was interested in sports since he was young and started playing football at the sixth grade. Clayton completed his elementary education at Eureka High School. He was a defensive player for the team.

He also learned more about Clayton NFL. In 2015, he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences with minors for Spanish and Business from the University of Missouri. He has been a medical sales representative since 2016.

Echard, football career:

He played football in his college and school days, as well as his studies. He was elected to the Southeastern Conference’s academic honor roll in 2012. At the start of the next season, Clayton Echard went from being a defensive end to being a tight end.

He also appeared in all 14 games during the 2014 season at both defensive and offensive positions.

Clayton Bachelor NFL

He was a Bachelorette contestant and a member of the star cast for the 26th season. Echard is eighth in the season’s ranking, competing alongside 34 other participants.

Echard is now looking for his soulmate and has started his search for “The Bachelor”. The trailer shows that all contestants are well-deserving. But Echard needs to find the best.

All the ladies are competing for the prince charming; it’ll be interesting to see which one will win.

Clayton’s plans

Clayton Bachelor NFLspent one season with the National Football League’s Seattle Seahawks, before he realized that his football skills weren’t up to par with his business abilities.

Although we don’t know what his plans are after The Bachelor, it is certain that he won’t continue to work as a sales representative full-time. He would like to start his own business and see it grow.

The Bachelor’s 26th season is available to watch on ABC every Monday starting January 3, 2022. This is Clayton’s journey towards finding the perfect partner.


A former NFL player is now the next Bachelor Clayton NFL looking for a life partner. He also discovered new hobbies and was able to be a better person during the pandemic.