Are you looking to know more about the reliability of Clarkshop? If you’re interested continue reading this article. We will be highlighting an web-based store that sells unique footwear. Nowadays, people are wearing various shoes to match their clothes.

Additionally, it’s essential to put on comfortable shoes that offers an arch-support that is appropriate, an insole that is soft and keeps your muscles in a neutral position while walking to prevent injuries. In this review we’ll introduce readers from in the United Kingdom to the Clarkshop and provide a comprehensive description of the products available. Let’s take a look the reviews of these Clarkshop reviews.

What is Clarkshop?

Clarkshop is an internet-based retailer shop that offers the finest selection of footwear for women and men. The website has posted the latest arrivals to its homepage in order to catch buyers at their interest. In addition, the website offers an offer on its entire collection, and all of the latest fashions are available for purchase for a discounted price.

For example, the summer orthopedic slide, which is worth $72.98 is priced at $36.99 as well as the boots that cost $91.98 are priced at $45.99. However, only a limited selection of products are offered on the site and the interface appears to be imitative. So, consumers must ask whether Clarkshop is legitimate or is it a scam.

Conditions and terms of Clarkshop

  • Website URL- ps://
  • The number to call is +8615522846781.
  • Support Service email address: [email protected]
  • Products- Footwear
  • Cost of transportation – not stated
  • Return and exchange period for itemsis up to 30 days.
  • Estimated shipping cost 7-20 working days
  • Payment method- Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, Maestro
  • Social media connections – Not offered
  • Newsletter- Mentioned
  • Domain establishment date-16/03/2022
  • Policy on refunds – not specified
  • Physical Address- Room 211, Building 1, No. 81, Jincheng Road, Wuchang Street, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

Make sure to verify the details in this post Clarkshop Review before you add anything to your shopping cart.

The benefits of purchasing from Clarkshop

  • The URL is verified and therefore the buyer’s details are secure.
  • Positive reviews from customers are posted on the site.
  • The website sells orthopedic-tested footwear at affordable prices , even under sale.
  • Shoppers can contact directly the customer care representatives via telephone or email.
  • The site offers shipping across all of the United Kingdom.

There are some disadvantages to buying from Clarkshop

  • The website’s interface appears to be more like fake portals.
  • There are no reviews from shoppers online.
  • There is no social media presence.

Is Clarkshop Legit?

The investigation revealed that the site is quite shady, as the website has been tagged with numerous negatives. In addition, customers should examine all the information before entering the site to avoid the chance of being fraudulently scammed. Additionally, in this section, we’ve listed all the reliable details that can help consumers who are looking to know more about the website’s authenticity.

These are the facts one must consider when checking the legitimacy of the website.

  • Domain registration date- The domain name for the website was officially registered on the 16th March of 2022 The domain is just a month older.
  • Shoppers reviews – Indeed, positive customer’s Clarkshop reviews appear on the website, however we’ve not found any information through the external hyperlinks.
  • Social media connections – No social media sites are listed Therefore, the site isn’t available on social media.
  • Domain termination date – The domain name of the website will expire on 16/03/2023.
  • Trust index score- out of 100 percent websites, this website has received only an 1 percent trust index score. This is extremely low.
  • Accuracy of address – The listed address of the company is not authentic.
  • Content copied from other sources- Some details like the website’s policies address, policies, and description appears to be copied from elsewhere.

Shopper’s Clarkshop Reviews

Fortunately, feedback from customers is available under all products , where consumers have stated that they were extremely satisfied with the product’s quality and customer service services. However the customer reviews are not posted on external links and neither does the website have an active social media presence.

Therefore, we suggest consumers who are interested to stay away from the websites until they get authentic details.

Wrapping up

After conducting extensive studies, we have compiled the Clarkshop reviews in the sense that the website appears suspicious. Also, customers should confirm.