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Are you aware that federal abortion rights were abolished by the United States Supreme Court? To learn more about the current state of affairs, you might want to read this article.

Roev. Wade’s significance as the basis of constitutional rights that include abortion has diminished over the past 50-years. The Supreme Court rejected Friday’s decision, indicating that other rights based in part on the same principle as privacy, such a right to interracial and same-gender marriages, and the right of contraception, are also at stake. You can read Clarence Thomas’s Contraception more in detail.

Law challenge to contraception, same-gender marriage.

Friday’s US Supreme Court decision, which ended the long-held constitutional protection against abortion, was concealed by a concurring opinion written by Justice Clarence Thomas. He requested that the court review any decisions it has made in relation to contraception and same-gender marriage. Thomas added to the already grave concern of LGBTQ women and organizations about Roe’s demise. He stated that “in future issues, we should revise all of the substantive due processes [principles]”

Supreme Court ContraceptionRuling Griswold v. Connecticut

1965 case Griswold v. Connecticut established that a married couple had the right to contraceptive use without interference from the government. It also held that states cannot criminalize sodomy. Obergefell/Hodged 2015 established the legal right to same-sex marriage. All three major decisions, Roe V. Wade and Planned Parenthood, had been reached before Friday. In their legal analysis, however, they heavily relied upon the notion of constitutional.

Supreme Court Contraception Case

Biden asked the Department of Health and Human Services if they could ensure that access to contraceptives and abortion medicine is possible. It isn’t clear, however, whether this strategy would stand up in court. States may not allow contraception, particularly intrauterine devices and emergency contraceptive therapies like the morning pill. In these cases, the court could order the restriction and then prosecute those who administer it. IUDs, as well emergency contraception, are subject to the laws of certain states.

These details are about legal issues related to contraception and same-gender marital status. We will keep you updated on any developments in this area.

Final Thoughts on Clarence Thomas about Contraception

This study claims that Roe v. Wade doesn’t serve as the core of constitutional right beyond abortion. The Supreme Court’s Friday decision to overturn the decision is a clear indication that other rights, which are based on the privacy principle, such a right to interracial and same-gender marriages, as well as the right of contraception, could also be at risk. For more information about birthcontrol, please click here

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