Citibank Los Angeles has been featured in the media since the 23rd of March 2022 when a staff member was accused of discriminating against a black woman trying to cash a check that was worth $30K. After the reporter brought the story to the attention of the media, the story became a trending topic via social media.

She was a well-known TikTok user, with more than 1 million users. However, when she posted her experience on Twitter, the site began growing in popularity across both the United States and the United Kingdom.

The video was shared and caught the interest of 8.5 million people. You can view the video as well as reviews of the Citibank Los Angeles Reviews online to find out more.

What’s the Story?

Baby Storme is a famous TikTok Star who has over 1 million users. Recently, she posted an image to her TikTok account in which she was crying after being discriminated against racially by a member of the Citibank Los Angeles Branch.

In the video she reveals that when she went to at the banks to make a check from her father in order to pay cost of rent, she had to be targeted by a worker. The cheque was worth $30K which was intended to be used to pay the rent for a year.

However the bank’s teller told her that she wasn’t able to accept the check because he wasn’t able to verify the cheque.

What is you looking for? Citibank Los Angeles Reviews?

When the story of Baby Storme became viral, numerous social media users as well as others took to the social media and discussion forums to discuss the story. Many people were seen to be supportive of the TikTok celebrity and posted a lot of reviews and feedbacks about Citibank.

A few people have also posted comments in support of both the bank and the person who deposited the cheque. They claimed that it’s the standard procedure to confirm the authenticity of the cheque and it’s normal. A few people opposed racial discriminating against the girl and posted the negative Citibank Los Angeles Reviews.

Different people have their own opinions. You can go through all the reviews on the internet before sharing your opinions.

What Measures Has Citibank Adopted?

The moment the video became viral, it began to grab the attention of a variety of users and even Citibank Los Angeles.

The clip bolstered the sentiments of her followers and they encouraged her to bring an action. But, a lot of people were seen applauding her bravery in the situation.

Baby Storme has not yet responded to TikTok comments or posted any Instagram directly message. Many people have posted their mixed Citibank Los Angeles Reviews on the internet.

Citibank has not yet replied on the video that went viral. Bank is expected to publish a statement that clarifies the issues to the general public. In the meantime, you are able to look up and read the opinions and opinions of different individuals on the internet. You can also follow the article on the internet through the account of her TikTok account.


Citibank Los Angeles has been on the news lately following a viral video of an TikTok celebrity became viral. The video tells the account of a black woman who was allegedly targeted while she was attempting to deposit a cheque worth $30k at the bank.

The video went viral shortly after it was released, it caught the attention of a lot of people who were sharing the mixed Citibank Los Angeles Reviews.