Sadly, there are situations when parents cannot coexist and decide to separate. They had a child from a one-night encounter when they had no intention of doing so in the first place. In any event, when co-parenting fails, turmoil and issues can and frequently do ensue.

  • The Parenting Styles of the Parents Differ Dramatically.
  • Abuse of illicit and, or prescription drugs by one or both parents.
  • The co-parenting adults are committing crimes, being imprisoned, or both.
  • One or both of the parents have extremely toxic personalities.

Our private investigation firm in Mustang, Oklahoma, has licensed child custody private investigators that can help with child custody investigations in a variety of ways.

  • Running deep internet searches and social media scans; conducting background checks in Oklahoma and across the country; conducting private surveillance-based investigations into Oklahoma City child custody
  • Providing written reports and giving testimony in court as an Oklahoma expert witness for Oklahoma child custody private investigations by our Moore, the Oklahoma private investigator.

Examples of spying or counter-surveillance on the other parent include the following:

Through stakeouts and surveillance of the parent and anyone else they may hang out with, our child custody private detectives in Guthrie, Oklahoma, can conduct investigations into child custody cases in Oklahoma City.

A couple is married or otherwise together until one or both parents cheat on the other. One of the parents decided to work with our Oklahoma child custody private investigation agency and requested that one of our child custody private investigators in Oklahoma City, OK, conduct surveillance as part of their case.

Private investigations and custody disputes involving grandparents in Oklahoma:

Some Oklahoma grandparents frequently find themselves parenting or at least being active in their grandkids’ lives for various reasons. Grandparents in Oklahoma do not have many custodial rights over their grandkids, as the Oklahoma Bar Association can verify. In fact, most grandparents in Oklahoma only ever have full custody of their grandchildren when the children’s biological parents are either incapable of doing so due to drugs, incarceration, illness, death or are simply unwilling to perform their parental responsibilities.

Truth and Consequences in Child Custody Private Investigations in Oklahoma City:

  • You could lose custody of your child or even have your visitation rights denied by a judge. It’s possible that your children will never know you. 
  • A judge may order you to pay the other parent child support.
  • If you do not win custody and the current custodial parent continues to torture the child physically, sexually, emotionally, or mentally, your child will suffer terrible scars for a very long time. Your children might even commit suicide as a result of the abuse, or the other parent might even murder them.
  • Adopt your children to discharge your parental duties.

Who is standing up for your interests, your legal rights, and your cherished children? Our future lies with our children! To speak with a knowledgeable private investigator in Edmond, OK, about Piedmont, Oklahoma child custody investigations case right away, call Dr. Makayla Saramosing and her other licensed Oklahoma child custody private investigators at our Midwest City, Oklahoma, child custody private investigation firm.