You want to view the Chicmyths reviews authentic? You can find the best Legitimacy-Finder hints in this post. authentic legitimacy pointers have you already collected? You should read this entire article. Online shopping is hugely popular as it allows you to purchase products from your home.

Online shopping portals often appear to be trustworthy but many customers find them to be fraudsters.’s true story can be found in this article Chicmyths Comments. The information was provided by multiple United States buyers.

This Virtual Shop

The official site states that it is an international shopping site that has enjoyed success all over the globe and gained trust. The portal stated that it sells a wide range premium products at very low prices.

It also claims to sell innovative designs and high-quality customer service. There are many clues in the site that could help us uncover its true face. We will now be focusing on the points below to help us find additional clues.

Chicmyths Legit

  • Our survey disclosed that is the shopping portal’s official URL.
  • We found the email address [email protected].
  • We discovered that the portal has only been online for 29 days since its creation date of 10/05/2022.
  • A telephone number is not available.
  • For exchanges, they offer only 15-days. Website stated that swimwear can’t be exchanged, returned or exchanged.
  • The newsletter function is not yet discovered.
  • The buyer has 14 days to return the item.
  • PayPal, VISA, etc. are the most popular payment methods.
  • Shipping of the product takes 7 to 20 working days.
  • When researching Chicmyths’ Reviews, I found the company’s address at 71-75 Shelton Street. Covent Garden is London, England WC2H 09Q.
  • The buyer can expect to receive the ordered items within 10-25 days.
  • This site sells clothing and footwear.
  • Kentesh Ltd.
  • If the item can be cancelled within 24hrs, they will provide a refund within 24hrs.
  • There are icons for social media such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Facebook.
  • The portal states that the office hours are Monday through Saturday from 9 to 21 hrs.

Benefits Are Identified On The Site

  • The office address strings can be found here.
  • Our Chicmyths Reviews analysis indicated the presence of the mailing address.
  • These connections can be made through social media.
  • The views of customers are heard.

Shortfalls Seen

  • The details for the phone number are not correct.
  • Only the Facebook link is valid among other social icons.
  • The 5-star rating reflects suspicion.
  • The newsletter option cannot be used.
  • Trustpilot is missing the buyers’ reactions

Is Chicmyths Suspicious?

  • Site’s Date. Our research found that it was registered in October 2022. It is just 29 days old.
  • Alexa Rank – An 8534117 Value was saved for this online shop.
  • Reality The company name is not connected to the address, raising doubts Is Chicmyths Legit
  • Social Media Connections Further examination showed that only the link to Facebook is genuine, the others not.
  • Trust Rating– We detected a suspicious value at 38.1/100.
  • Unreliable Coupons No untrustworthy discounts are offered to online buyers.
  • Buyers comments– While researching, we haven’t collected Trustpilot Reviews. The Facebook page does not have many activity or comments.
  • Suspension Date The investigation discovered that the expiration dates are 10-05-2023.
  • Trust Scoring – Our analysis found an unreliable value at 1%.
  • Plagiarization – We found a significant content duplication on this site.
  • Owner Information The Chicmyths analysis determined that there were no associated hints.
  • Policies The policies are all described in an appropriate manner. However, only the refund policy tips are clear.

What Reactions Are Expected from Legitimate Users?

Our review found no valid comments from any platform, Trustpilot included. We are unable to use customer responses to assess the validity of the site. The site’s low trust score, rank and other factors make it less trustworthy. Find out the best tips regarding credit card frauds here.

The Bottom Line

Chicmyths Reviews exposed’s true face and revealed that it was questionable. We suggest that you keep buying stuff. See the related strings to this topicGet the essential evidence on PayPal scams here.

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