Scroll down to find out the names of Cheer Choice Awards winner, as well as the community presenting name.

Are you eager to see the Cheer Choice Awards’ winners? The Cheer Choice Awards 2022 will be paying their respects for positive creators on social media platforms. Spread the Cheer of the United States of America organised this event.

We have information about the award show winners and exceptional performances. This article will help you keep up to date with all details regarding the Cheer Choice Awards Winners Show. Read the entire article!

Winners for Cheer Choice Awards

  • Art: beastmodeart
  • The Year’s cheerleader: jt_laybourne
  • Comedy: justin_danger_nunley
  • Cooking with chefadamlibby
  • Cosplay: blue_eyed_darkness
  • Dance: tiktokmomma7
  • Fashion & Beauty: justclassicallycassidy
  • Health & fitness: iamenoughmichael
  • Home & Garden: positively_Paige_
  • Officer_Scales for Military and First Responders
  • Motivational/Inspirational: shoelover99
  • Music/Vocal/Bands/Musical Composition: jaxwritessongs
  • Original Sound/Concept – jasonbankscomedy
  • Pets & animals: k9_mattis
  • Travel & Tourism: Vegasstarfish
  • Videography/Cinematography/Transitions: lady. Hopps

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Cheer Choice Awards 2022 Winners

Danielle Claudio created this organization in December 2020. She chose to use social media to reach people and to spend her time helping families.

SpreadTheCheer2020 was her campaign name. She was able, in just a few weeks, to raise sufficient money and she started the organization quickly.

Special Appearance

  • Brent Morgan- Singer/Songwriter
  • Sarah Hester Ross- Musician and Singer-Songwriter
  • Vincent Oshana- Actor and comedian, as well as Air Force veteran
  • Jack Brown from Sophistafunk- Spoken Words poet, Rapper and Humanitarian

Know About Show: Cheer Choice Awards Winners

This award ceremony was held at 7pm PST on 8th & 9th April. The venue was MGM Grand Casino Resort Las Vegas, NV. This annual event honors positive influencers, creators, and those who have made a difference on social media.

They are a showcase for talents that strive to make a difference by their dedication. They also had special guests who performed on stage.

Tina Maddigan hosted this event. Jon Bailey (the legendary voice guy) was the Special Anouncer for Cheer Choice Awards 2022 winners. Ashley Leechin was one of the red-carpet reporters.

The show’s evenings were hosted by some very talented personalities: Soldiers Solutions; Justin Nunley; Tanyalee Davis; Jesse Pedigo; Holly Henry; Divinity Ray; Greg Runge. Ophelis Nichols. Tom Coverly. Tom Coverly. Tom Coverly. Tom Coverly. Tom Coverly. Tom Coverly. Tom Coverly. Tom Coverly. Biz Mike. JJ Cadwell. Felicia Malyuk. Rachel Pederson. Todd Royce. Donald. Brooklyn Verardi.

This event was presented in cooperation with: Spread the cheer Organization in the United States.

This non-profit union provides support for their families, allowing them to have a greater reach towards their talents, dreams, aspirations, and more.

Final Verdict

This show was filled with great entertainment. The show featured comedy genius minds, songwriters, performances and fashion influencers to make it a memorable evening at the Cheer Choice Awards Winners .

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