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The popularity of movies has increased in recent years. People are trying out new movies. Cool and cute characters have made anime a huge hit. They are updated with the latest anime, such as this cyberpunk Edgerunner. Know anything about cyberpunk Edgerunner Did you know it existed? Are you an anime enthusiast? Are you familiar with the Netflix partnership that this anime has? You may not know this, but people have been waiting worldwide for it for so many years. If so, cyberpunk Edgerunners Wiki will be your best friend.

What does cyberpunk mean: edgerunners?

It belongs to the anime category, and was released on 13/09/2022. It was made by studio trigger. The game cyberpunk 2077 that CD Projekt developed is the inspiration for its production. You will be pleased to learn that you can also stream it in Japanese via Netflix. This is due to the high demand. Netflix will be releasing it in September 2022.

This was written by Yoshiki and Masahiko Ozuka. The Cyberpunk Edgerunners’ characters are David, Maine (kiwi), pilar, Rebecca and faraday. The voices of our wonderful characters will be cast in voice and dubbing if necessary. Zach Aguilar’s voice will be that of David. Aoi Yoki will portray Lucy. Willian.c. steepens voice Maine. Takako Hyo will voice Takako Honda, Wataru Takagi, and so forth. These voices will not be all English. Japanese voice dubbing may differ.

Cyberpunk Edge Runners – what’s the main storyline here?

The story follows a young man who tried to survive in a future city that is all about body modification. It is high-tech, and the technology is very advanced. He knows he cannot survive and decides to become an Egderunner. Also known as cyberpunk or the name in the title, he is determined to do so.

The storyline is a thriller which draws on sci-fi. This is what most people today are familiar with. David Martinez Cyberpunk the protagonist of all the anime.

Reviews about cyberpunk Edgerunners

This anime is loved a lot by people. It is well-received and has received a lot of positive reviews. People said they loved it because it is full of emotion and intense action. Some people said that they had never seen cyberpunk 2077 but still enjoyed it.


Netflix now has Cyberpunk Edgerunners. You can stream it right away. The Cyberpunk Endurers Mal review score is excellent at 8.52/10. That’s a pretty good score. Continue reading to learn all. You can click the link for further information about cyberpunk runner.