The delicacy is rarely consumed without the addition of other products, but it is worth considering the peculiarities of each of the components. For example, to choose a drink, it is necessary to refuse alcohol with a pronounced taste. The popular black russian caviar is perfectly combined with vodka, and it is worth paying attention to this combination for several reasons:

  • the possibility to emphasize a refined bouquet of flavors;
  • the property of vodka to clean the taste buds for a better disclosure of flavor;
  • the absence of a bright aftertaste in the drink.

The tradition of combining the drink with caviar originated long ago. At that time, the aristocrats managed to find a key to the unusual taste of caviar and create the first great combination. Today, fans of the delicacy still follow the example of their ancestors and do not refuse caviar and vodka pairing.

Caviar and vodka: how to eat a delicacy in combination with a drink

In fact, the success of the combination largely depends on the personal preferences of the gourmand. A common option is to treat the caviar on a ceramic or porcelain spoon, followed by the consumption of cold vodka. Nevertheless, there are also those fans of the deliciousness, who are not ready for such experiments. In that case, it is possible to think about other combinations of the exquisite delicacy. Pasta is often served together with caviar. In addition, culinary experts suggest using other combinations: with breadcrumbs, lean pancakes.

Vodka – a drink that is served cold

There are several guidelines to follow about how to serve caviar and vodka. First of all, gourmets recommend paying attention to the fact that the oily flavor is better revealed if there is an additional cooler. The caviar is usually served at a low temperature.

The similarity between the beverage and the product helps uncover the flavor of the delicacy when combined with vodka. In order for the treat to meet your expectations, it is worth putting the bottle in the freezer. In this way, it will be possible to get a drink with an unusually mild taste without the presence of additional flavors.

The right tableware – a part of the tasting

It is possible to have a vivid experience of eating the delicacy if you use the right accessories. To start with, you should avoid metal and wooden spoons. Caviar quickly adopts the taste characteristics of such utensils, so the risk is not justified.

To understand why the combination is a winning one, it is worth paying closer attention to the tips on how to eat caviar and vodka. To enjoy it, it is recommended that you: 

  • use ceramic, porcelain or glassware;
  • chill the drink in the chamber and the caviar in the refrigerator;
  • prepare a shot glass, pre-cooling it.

The first step of the tasting will be to bite the eggs, and the second step is to drink the vodka. In this case, it will be possible to feel the bouquet and emphasize the oiliness of the delicacy. It is worth noting that vodka can stimulate the appetite, so take care to have additional appetizers.

Preparation allows you to taste the features of the dish

Bester Caviar recommendations will allow you to enjoy a pleasure that previously was accessible only to aristocrats. The purchase of quality caviar is available to fans who have managed to appreciate the successful combinations of the delicacy with other dishes. Take your time during the tasting, and you will be able to find new meaning in purchasing an exquisite treat. 

How to choose a vodka

It is important to choose the best vodka with caviar for a successful tasting. Since there is no monopoly on the production of the drink, it is not difficult to find a quality product. Several brands are particularly popular (St. George All Purpose Vodka, Finlandia, Leopold Silver Tree Small Batch). 

The combination of the drink and caviar will allow you to appreciate the traditional way of treating yourself. Use the supplier’s recommendations and buy a quality delicacy for your tastings!