Are you searching for an online shop that lets you buy everything you require to furnish your home? Read this article about Cassikee.

The people of the United States prefer buying all household products at one place. Customers want to purchase the entire range of products online due to the Covid-19 issue. Shopping online for products is easy these days since several online stores sell a wide range of products and provide top-quality service.

To draw customers to their site In order to attract customers to their website, they offer special deals and discounts on their merchandise. For more details on their legitimacy you can read reviews of Cassikee. .

More About

Cassikee, an on-line retailer which sells a variety of home-related products. They claim that they have everything you require and provide fast delivery, free shipping as well as lower costs than other platforms. Their products are well-loved and they also sell items by categories. Additionally, there is a section devoted to the most popular products. They also offer sporting equipment. Certain tools come with “How to Use It” videos that are available. This can assist users in learning how to utilize these tools.

If you’re intrigued by these items and would like to purchase them, take a moment to read the following article: Are Cassikee Legit.

What exactly are the specifications for Cassikee?

  • Website URL –
  • Products available They sell sporting and household equipment.
  • Domain Age 03/06/2021
  • Address for email address: [email protected]
  • Number of contactNot Available
  • The address of office 85 cottonwood circle Pryor 7361, Oklahoma United States
  • Delivery CostShipping is completely free.
  • Duration of Delivery Within 4 to 5 working Days
  • Exchange Yes, it’s possible to use it.
  • Return Policyy Within 30 days
  • Return PolicyThere is no data available.
  • Connections to social mediaSocial media links are accessible.
  • The item is on sale for 4 to 5 days
  • Newsletter It’s accessible
  • Methods of payment Accepted payment methods include VISA, Mastercard, American Express Discover and PayPal can be used in conjunction with each other.
  • Review Cassikee Review to know the more

What are the advantages of Buying through

  • This website is secured using HTTP protocol.
  • They also offer fast delivery and free shipping.
  • The site also has an instructional video of the tools.
  • They have a website where they have an array of items and sporting equipment.

What’s the negatives of buying through

  • There isn’t any contact information available on the website.
  • Links on social media sites redirect you to their login page.
  • The website does not provide any information on refunds.
  • Other shopping sites have the same interface for users.

Do you think Cassikee is Legit ?

Internet frauds are becoming more frequent on numerous shopping websites across the globe and you should be wary about this kind of fraud. Therefore, prior to purchasing online, it is important to be aware of a few things.

  • Domain Creation Date: 03/06/2021
  • Domain Expiration Date: 03/06/2022
  • Links for Social Media The website contains hyperlinks for Facebook, Instagram, and different social media platforms.
  • Information about the owner The information about the owner is not found through the site.
  • Quality of Content- The website’s content is accessible elsewhere on websites.
  • Customer Reviews – The website does not contain any Cassikee reviews from customers.
  • Unrealistic Discounts – There is no discount available on their website, but they do sell items for sale at prices that are low and that are not offered by any reputable business.
  • Policies- The policy of the website isn’t clearly defined. It seems to be a copy.
  • Trust score It has a trust score of just 1% which is very low.
  • Index rank: The trust score of the online portal is 48.3 out of 100.
  • Alexa rank: The site boasts an Alexa rank of zero, which is extremely low.
  • Originality of address- Many other websites selling e-commerce make use of the address. It appears that the address isn’t associated with this website.

Customer’s Cassikee Comments

There aren’t any reviews on this site to prove the authenticity of the website. We have found one review by a customer on another platform expressing displeasure about the inability to set up an account with this site. Reviews from customers are essential to verify the legitimacy of a site. The website seems to be suspect.

You can find out what you need to know to request an PayPal return by visiting this webpage.

the Bottom Line

However, there is no details about the business are included on the website. A lot of e-commerce websites have similar user interfaces, and the identical address. This site appears to be suspect and could be a fraud, based on our investigation within these Cassikee reviews,