What about buying household appliances online? Online stores can be dangerous so be cautious. A website offering many household items was found recently. Casainc found this website.

Many people in the United States & Canada have been attracted to it. So today, we will determine if this website is a safe and trusted place to buy your Items. You can check out our Casainc reviews .

Introduction to Casainc Website

Casainc was created many years back. This e-commerce site sells bathroom accessories and outdoor and interior furniture. There are several categories for their products. Online shops are plentiful and you can purchase the items that you desire. There is a huge selection.

They currently have a Summer Sale. They have also offered discounts on furniture and bathroom items. They offer free shipping for all orders. They are also partnered by top brands like Wayfair. Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Next, we will review the specifications. This will help us decide if it Casainc Legit .

Specifications from Casainc Website

  • Website Foundation Date- Casainc’s website was created in 2003/09/06.
  • Products Offerred-Bathrooms and kitchen appliances. Outdoor and indoor furniture.
  • Payment Types – Customers are able to pay via Visa and MasterCard, Maestro Visa, Visa Credit, PayPal, and JCB Visa.
  • Website Link- https://casainc.com/.
  • Shipping policy-Shipping takes anywhere from 5-14 business days depending on where you are located and which shipping carrier you choose.
  • Email Contact- email at [email protected]. For enquires, email to [email protected].
  • Contact Information- They are not providing their contact address.
  • Contact No. call at (+1) 562-551-892.
  • Return Policies- Get information via Casainc about when you can return your products. Large appliances may be returned in 30 days.
  • Refund Policy: Credit reimbursements are processed in 3-5 days.
  • Exchange Policy –Exchange policies are not available.
  • Newsletter-Newsletter is available.

Keep reading because we’ll be discussing the pros as well as the cons of the site in the next article.

Casainc Site

  • There are many social media accounts available on this website.
  • You can read many customer reviews on the website.
  • The newsletter can be downloaded.
  • The HTTPS protocol secures your website.
  • All contact information must be unique

Casainc Site

  • The website does not have the information of its owner.
  • Physical addresses are not allowed.

Is Casainc LegitOR Fake

Let us now go over the legitimacy aspects of this site to help you determine whether it is legitimate or a scam.

  • Domain Creation Date – The domain has been created over a decade back on 2003/09/06. That is a positive sign.
  • The expiration day forWebsite is 2023/09/06, which seems not too far.
  • Address Authentication-Website has not mentioned their physical address.
  • Content quality-The website’s about them content is 95% plagiarized.
  • Policies Check out Casainc Reviews which policies are currently available.
  • Owner details –Owner information has not been made available. This is a limitation.
  • Trust score- A website’s trust score is 86%. This is a good score.
  • Trust Rank –Website is at 48.2% trust rank, which is quite low.
  • SocialMedia Accounts- This site has social media presence.
  • Customer Review-Customer reviews came from many sources.
  • Discounts-Discounts can be found, which is great news.

Customer Comments

Based on our research, many customers have left reviews. Trusted and regular sites have reviews. On their social media profiles, there is some customer feedback. Also, there are articles-based reviews.

Final Comments

Casainc was created many years ago. It also has active profiles on Twitter, and Instagram. You can find genuine customer reviews as well as a high trust rating. The website appears to be legitimate based on the above. However, we strongly advise you to conduct further research. You can check this link if your credit card is being refunded.