Carla Walker was based in Fort Worth, Texas, United States. Her death occurred at 17 years old when she was taken from her home by a kidnapper. Carla returned from a the Valentine’s party with her partner and was taken by someone who was in the car park February 17th 1974. She died following three weeks in a sewerage.

Carla Walker Fort Worthis the story of an innocent girl who was kidnapped by an attack with a gun and later found dead in terrible state. The incident triggered the creation of a mysterious investigation. We would like to know more about this incident that occurred around forty-six years ago.

Who was Carla Walker?

Carla Jan Walker was a 17-year-old girl who was kidnapped and murdered. On the 17th of February 1974, she had been in a parking area inside a vehicle with her boyfriend Rodney McCoy, when an unknown person appeared with a gun and a shot that hit Rodney. He was unable to move after an attack and Carla was taken away.

The incident involving Carla Walker Fort Worth is all about murder. Up until last year, the investigation was not solved, and no one was ever accused of this grotesque incident. Police have been trying to find out the truth for years and then, in August 2021 the correct suspect was arrested in connection with the crime committed. He was released for many years following the murder.

What did happen to Carla?

Carla was taken from the car of her boyfriend when the perpetrator threatened him before took her away. The victim was found dead in a horrendous state close to the ditch. The body was discovered three days after in a drainage. The location was only 30 minutes away from Carla Walker Fort Worth.

The girl of the age was the victim of such terrible disguise. She was accused of being raped and being drugged, physically evoked, and brutally beaten to lose her life. After nearly 46 years, the girl was able to get justice when the murderer was found guilty of his actions. An investigation was ongoing in the case from the time of the death. Many potential suspects were interviewed to determine their liability. In August 2021, the perpetrator declared himself guilty prior to the verdict and was sentenced prison for the rest of his the rest of his life.

Carla Walker Fort Worth case results

The case was unsolved, and in limbo for a long time. Two detectives were involved in the case, namely Wagner Bennett and Bennett. Regarding this investigation, it was discovered that the person who owned the pistol was hand-held, and was claimed to have been lost when he was brought to the police station. A further DNA test was also conducted, Glen Samuel McCurley was an individual whose DNA match to his own, and he was found guilty after having been convicted for 46 years.


Regarding all the data we have gathered concerning Carla the place that we have located within the United States is risky for anyone living in the circumstances. Carla Walker Fort Worth is the victim of a teenage murder. It took a long time the girl to obtain justice.

This case is dismissed when the killer is found and sentenced to jail for all time.