Learn more about Capnhatgarena.com hosting events. Learn about Capnhatgarena.com authenticity from a third-party site.

Did you also know that Lien Quan Mobile has become a favorite action game in Vietnam. Arena of Valor, the Google Play Store version of the game, also has it.

There are various modes and players can compete to obtain a higher international ranking to move up in the game. The game also offers live voice chats, in Vietnamese. Let’s discuss Capnhatgarena Com to learn more about various game events.


Capnhatgarena.com – Capnhatgarena is a third-party site for hosting ‘Garena’ Lien Qan! It was launched just 16 April 2022. Capnhatgarena.com was launched recently and has enjoyed a lot of popularity as it hosts several events for the Garena Lien Quan Game.

However, it is a Scam Website as it scored 100% for the suspicion profile. It also scored 78% in the threat profile. 67% in the phishing profile. It scored 78% in the threat profile.

The Website is hosted on one server from the USA. It has an Alexa rank below 7,961,144. But, it is expected to rise as the events progress.


Capnhatgarena.com can’t be accessed through web browsers. It is not designed to be viewed with mobile devices that have less than 575 resolutions. It can be used on iPads and iOS devices.

Capnhatgarena.com mobile website is one-page and focuses on three things:

  1. The website offers information about events that begin on June 2, 2022.
  2. It includes information on the global ranking of players as well as prizes up for grabs.
  3. It includes information about the game targets required to complete Capnhatgarena Comday.

Capnhatgarena.com doesn’t include any information related the policies and terms. The Website doesn’t provide contact information for customer service and addresses. Website censorship uses internet censorship to censor contact information and website owner information.

Capnhatgarena.com uses Secure HTTPS Protocol. Capnhatgarena.com’s IP also has a valid SSL certification for the next 317 Days.

About Garena Lien Quan:

Lien Quan refers to the adaptation of Wangzhe Rongyao in Chinese, which TiMi Studio Group has developed for various platforms including Android, Nintendo, iOS, and Android. Whereas “Garena” Lien Quan is a third-party.

Capnhatgarena Com promoting the game, competitions, and prizes in the ‘Garena Lien Quan’, Level Infinite’ originally published for markets other than China, unofficially. The game has been featured on numerous international competitions worldwide and has made over $140 Million.


Many International Event Held For Lien Quan regularly. Capnhatgarena.com was a new website that promoted third-party events in the “Garena” Lien Quan games. It has also created TikTok, FB pages, with updates about bonus, new seasons and treasure tickets, among other things. Capnhatgarena.com, however, has a zero ranking in business and poses security threats to users’ data and devices. Capnhatgarena.com has been deemed a Scam.