Candidate sourcing strategy makes or breaks a recruiter’s hiring practices. Here are 7 powerful strategies that can help you recruit on the go!

Today, effective hiring is one of the top goals for businesses along with being the most challenging concern. 

Having the correct sourcing strategy can help you both grow the size of your talent pool and fill openings more quickly.

So, here we are with 7 effective hacks to help you find the best prospects.

Let’s get reading!

  1. Create a Candidate Persona

Always construct an ideal candidate persona before you begin looking for applicants. 

It shows you the road to choosing the right sourcing channel and building a solid strategy to help you attract more qualified candidates. 

Since creating a persona is a multi-step collaborative process, chat with your team and the hiring managers and conduct some research before you fix one.

When you know where to concentrate your efforts, it can make finding the ideal applicant much easier and quicker.

2. Use the Right Technology

In order to locate highly qualified candidates to fill open job positions, recruiters spend a lot of time sorting through tens of thousands of profiles. 

It is high time that they consider streamlining their hiring process. 

They can manage their limited time by effectively utilizing recruitment technologies like investing in an applicant tracking system and recruitment softwares.

Investing in the correct recruitment software can also help you plan your strategy and find the top applicants. 

So make it a point to include this step in your sourcing strategy. On the other hand, you may want to look into a recruitment agency that can handle the entire process, from interviews to hiring. Headhunters in Houston, for example, will have a network of the best talent in the area and can quickly provide a list of candidates that have the right qualities and experience.

3. Build a Strong Employer Brand

A strong employer brand is a very powerful recruiting tool but a weak one can hinder your efforts. 

Its quality  may determine whether a candidate responds to your approach or ignores it. 

Did you know if given a chance to work for a company with a solid brand, 92% of candidates said they would think about changing their careers for that company?

Building a powerful employer brand is a vital candidate sourcing strategy to recruit top talent. 

4. Utilize Employee Referrals

What they say about hiring is absolutely true: “Good people know good people.”

Referrals are often the best place to find qualified applicants. Ask your staff for recommendations, encourage them to suggest people who are qualified for your open positions, and think about developing an employee referral program as a perk.

Since employee recommendations are known to shorten the hiring process, enhance hiring quality, and boost retention rates, reward your staff with all the money you save.

You can also ask your current employees to apply for the open positions if they want to. 

5. Use Different Platforms to Source

Potential candidates for various employment roles can be found on a variety of social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Many hiring managers incorporate social media into their process of finding talent. Depending on the job requirements, you can scan and identify candidates on different socials. 

You can also improve the employer brand by using social media platforms which helps you in finding top candidates. 

Apart from socials, posting job descriptions on job platforms like Indeed also help to source qualified candidates.

6. Value the Candidate’s Timetable

When speaking with qualified candidates, respect their time and be accommodating to their schedule. 

When speaking with a candidate over the phone, start by asking if they have time to chat. Think carefully about stating how much time you need in order to cover all the pertinent details of the job posting. 

You can also reach out to them at different times and in a variety of ways throughout the week. As a result, candidates may feel more appreciated and have a favorable impression of the company. 

7. Send Follow-Up Emails

Many recruiters send follow-up emails to their candidates. These emails make them feel that you are interested in knowing more about their skills and expertise.

Even candidates with all the necessary qualifications and experience occasionally decline to apply for the job due to unexpected reasons. 

You can send a follow-up email to them and inform them about future openings that might be a good fit for them. 

Sending customized and personalized follow-up emails is a smart move to source candidates. 

In Final Words

Last but not least, always keep in mind that sourcing strategies are like snowflakes in the recruitment industry: no two are precisely the same because what your firm needs will be different from what other firms want.

Decide on a practical sourcing approach early on, measure it, and identify areas for improvement to achieve even more excellent outcomes.

But keep in mind that a sourcing strategy for hiring is only as effective as the last candidate you hired because it needs continuous improvement.