Who is Candace? Candy is a brand new five-episode television series that is available on the Over the Top Platform – Hulu. The first episode”Friday the 13th,” was broadcast on Monday on May 9th, 2022. The Candy series was streamed beginning at 12:01 am EST on 9th May to 11:01 PM EST on the 16th May 2022.

The public of America United States was curious to know more about the real-life incidents concerning Candace Wheeler Georgia,accused of murdering her best friend Betty.


Candace became wed to Pat Montgomery. The couple had two kids. Similar to that, Betty was married to Allan Gore and had two daughters. The youngest was a toddler. Both families lived near the suburbs in Wylie, Texas, and lived a quiet, tranquil suburban lifestyle.

A few years ago, Pat and his kids got to know Betty on the grounds of Lucas United Methodist Church located in Collin County, Texas. As time passed, the family began to become close friends. Betty was 41 and was an instructor at a middle school.

Affair of Candace Wheeler Montgomery :

The relationship grew and family members were acquainted with each other. According to online sources, Candace, also known as Candy was involved in an extramarital relationship with Allan. Betty was the first to learn about Candy’s relationship with her husband.

Betty’s daughter was at the house of Candy when Allan was away the other day. Candy visited Betty’s house to collect the swim suit of Alisa Betty’s daughter. It was Friday 13th June 1980.

Betty wanted to speak to Candy since both were on their own. So, Betty inquired about Candy’s affair with her husband, Allan. Candace Wheeler Georgia confessed to having an affair, however it was many years back, and today, they were acquaintances.

Betty arrived with a three-foot Ax and advised Candy to stay clear of Allan. Candy offered to apologize to Betty however it only made Betty more angry. Betty was confronted by Candy in the Utility Room and, as some sources claim, she wanted to murder her.

Candy got into a fight with Betty and was able to get the axe. Although they were engaged in the fight both suffered injuries. Candy was able to defend herself and wanted to get away but Betty tried to force her against the wall. In fear, Candace Wheeler Georgia was forced to confront Betty repeatedly before making her last escape.

Allan was unable to contact Betty and he contacted his neighbors to ask for assistance. The neighbors were forced to enter the house since they were unable to get any kind of response from Betty. The body of Betty who was stabbed 21 times on the head, and thirteen times across the body. It is important to note that we’re not blaming anyone. We are reporting the news that we have gathered from numerous sources.


Candy was detained on suspicion of murder. However, she was released in the month of October, 1980 since she was acting in self-defense against threats to kill Betty. Pat was divorced from Candy after four years. At present, Candace Wheeler Georgia is working as a health counselor, accompanied by her daughter Jenny.