Iron is an essential nutrient as it is a major component of the hemoglobin which carries oxygen to the rest of the body. Additionally, iron is also important for growth and development. Lack of enough iron in the body can lead to iron deficiency which is the most common cause of anemia. Therefore, if your iron levels are not adequate, it is always recommended that you use iron supplements like the Orzax Liposomal Iron 25 mg – 90 Vegetable Capsules available at the Orzax health store. The supplement is effective and easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Can you overdose on iron pills? I’m sure most of you have asked this question. The answer is yes, when using over-the-counter iron supplements, there is always a possibility of an individual taking more than the recommended amounts. Taking too much iron can lead to iron toxicity or iron poisoning. This is why it is advisable to consult your physician before consuming any supplement product.

Iron Poisoning: Iron poisoning normally occurs when an individual mostly a child swallows a large number of pills containing iron nutrients. There are several causes of iron poisoning which include taking too many iron vitamins, a child taking a dosage meant for adults, and many blood transfusions.  Iron poisoning irritates the stomach and digestive tract. Excess iron can remain in the body even after vomiting. It is therefore advised that you only take the recommended amounts of iron to avoid iron poisoning.

 How Much Iron Do I Need?

The amount of iron needed in the body depends on age and sex. It also depends on whether your diet contains a lot of irons or does not.  It is recommended that an infant below six months should be given 0.27mg of iron daily. A boy between 14 to 18 years should take at least 11mg while a girl should take 15mg. Pregnant women should take 27mg. in addition vegetarians who do not consume meat, poultry, or seafood, need twice more iron than the recommended dosage.  We should always aim to adhere to the recommended dosage.

Symptoms of Iron Poisoning: Healthy iron consumption is essential for the development of the brain and muscles. Taking high amounts of iron can be detrimental as the body cannot metabolize a high dosage of iron.  Some of the early signs of iron poisoning include irritation along the gastrointestinal tract. You will also experience nausea and abdominal pain. From there on the other symptoms will follow.

Serious symptoms will start developing 48 hours after the iron overdose. They include vomiting blood, diarrhea, and dehydration. In some cases taking too much iron can lead to the stool turning black and bloody. Other severe symptoms include fever, shortness of breath d fluids in the lungs jaundice, and seizures. The symptoms of iron poisoning normally occur in five stages and within five weeks. The symptoms can also vary from one individual to another depending on age and sex.

Side Effects of Iron Poisoning: Taking too much iron can cause major side effects. One of the major iron pills side effects includes liver failure. This can occur within the first few days if the poisoning is not managed. During this period it is also possible for one to develop bleeding or blood clot problems. One might also experience liver cirrhosis which is the permanent scarring of the liver. In addition to scarring the liver, iron poisoning can also cause scarring of the stomach and intestine.  This can lead to major digestive problems. In some cases, iron poisoning can cause death, especially among children.

Conclusion: Iron is an important nutrient for growth and development. Taking it in large amounts can lead to serious health complications. To avoid such complications, it is advised that you seek professional advice from a doctor before beginning any iron medication. In case of iron poisoning, ensure you seek medical attention immediately.