text message anonymously

Every mobile phone or smartphone has the function of suppressing your phone number when making a call. However, if you want to send an SMS anonymously, the suppression does not work. So, can you send a text message anonymously as well?

Your phone number is transmitted to the recipient in an normal SMS. There is no feature on mobile phones to send short messages anonymously. But, sometimes, there is a good reason for sending an SMS without your number being transmitted.

If you want to send an SMS without giving the receiver a hint of your identity, then anonymous texting is the solution for you.

Sending an SMS anonymously online – the principle

Suppose you need to give someone a warning or enlightenment about a certain situation or whatever reason there may be. If you think it might be better for the person you’re about to text, not to know your real identity. Even if you wanted to pass on bad news via SMS, for example, an anonymous STD text, it would be appropriate to ‘text’ them without revealing the sender.

You can use someone else’s mobile phone for this, or you have to resort to services on the Internet. But keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to remain anonymous by the recipient of the SMS for a long time using this borrowed mobile phone. After all, he can call the number sent at any time and thus at least has the opportunity to find out who is behind it.

The only way to send an SMS without transmitting your phone number is via various online providers like an anonymous texting app. In most cases, this is free of charge for SMS since the short message contains a short advertising message that advertises the respective outlet.

Most of the time, you have up to 160 characters free per message. However, this amount of text may vary with different providers. After you have typed your message into the text mask, you only have to enter the recipient’s phone number.

Depending on the network load, your message will be sent to the desired recipient within a few minutes. If necessary, you can also enter your phone number and thus send a normal free SMS.

Finding an anonymous provider that actually works

Various providers offer the option of sending short messages online and anonymously. Most anonymous providers offer free services to send text messages. However, these free websites haven’t aged well and often don’t work. In addition to the free services, there are also fee-based providers.

A popular provider for sending an anonymous SMS, for example, is the website Anonymous Text. Here you can quickly send messages while knowing that it is an extremely privacy-focusses service.

Keep it friendly

Please note that you are never entirely anonymous on the Internet. Only your desired data recipient does not receive any information about your phone number.

Criminal acts such as insults, extremist messages, or the like should be avoided. Otherwise, it could get expensive.

Which anonymous texting app should I use?

There are many different services on the web that make it possible to send anonymous without revealing your number. All possible variations can be found, so you can receive replies to your messages without the other person having to find out who you are. You can find the provider that makes this possible: SMS with an option to reply.

You can find a list of service providers offering similar options here. Send SMS without phone number transmission. The SMS text is entered in the form fields and then sent to the specified number with a mouse click.

Even if you now know a way to send anonymous short messages, i.e., to send SMS without transmitting your number, this does not mean that the actual sender has to remain unrecognized if this is done for illegal reasons. In this case, it would be possible for investigating authorities to identify the sender.