Modern commercial roofs are highly durable and guaranteed to last when properly maintained. But what’s the best way to keep them clean?

Whilst skilled commercial roofing contractors can clean your commercial roof using specialist equipment and cleaning solutions, it’s not recommend that you attempt to jet wash your roof yourself.

Pressure washing your commercial roof can easily cause damage. You may dislodge tiles, remove pointing, and even force water into your roof, potentially flooding the loft space.

When installed by expert commercial roofing contractors, commercial roofs are designed to last for many years, withstanding the most severe weather. However, even the highest quality commercial roofs are not designed to cope with water being sprayed at such high speed. 

Cleaning your own commercial roof – health and safety considerations

Aside from the fact that jet washing is likely to severely reduce the longevity of your commercial roof, there are also health and safety considerations to take into account.

Roofs are extremely dangerous places, and no one should ever set foot on a commercial roof without proper training and equipment.

Experienced commercial roofing contractors are fully insured and invest heavily in specialist equipment that enables them to work safely at height, often without ever setting foot on your commercial roof. 

Commercial roof maintenance

Rather than opting to jet wash your commercial roof, which could cause you to damage your roof or injure yourself, it’s highly recommended that you hire a commercial roofing contractor to perform commercial roof maintenance.

This should be carried out a couple of times a year, at which time the contractor will also carry out a thorough inspection of your commercial roof to check for damage.

In this way, small problems won’t have the chance to turn into bigger and more expensive ones.

Find a commercial roof cleaning service

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