silicone iPhone 13 case
Can I clean my silicone iPhone 13 case?

Phone cases protect used phones against scratches and impacts. For this reason, it is the most preferred phone accessory. Apart from these, it arouses curiosity with its different colors and patterns. However, they can become dirty due to frequent use. How to clean iPhone 13 cases? We have detailed the questions about cleaning silicone iPhone 13 cases.

Nowadays, mobile phone cases have started to increase because phone cases are also heavily preferred for their overall protection. But the cases get dirty over time and form bacteria. It is essential to clean these cases to avoid damaging the phone.

There are several different methods for cleaning phone cases. You can use detergents, Vinegar, or ordinary water if it’s the first time. Keep reading to find out the ideas on how you can perfectly clean your silicone iPhone 13 cases. 

How to clean a silicone iPhone 13 case?

For our valued customers at NEW CASE, we provide this advice on 4 ways to clean your silicone iPhone 13 cases. Let’s take a look at the following recommendations for cleaning;


Vinegar is an ideal sheath cleaning material thanks to its germ-breaking feature. But, many people are bothered by the smell of Vinegar. If you apply this method using apple cider vinegar for this, you will not experience any discomfort with the scent. For this, put the cover you want to clean in a bowl. Pour some vinegar of your choice on it. After making sure that the Vinegar completely covers the case, wait for a day. Afterward, you can rinse and dry your cover and continue to use it again.


Suppose you want to use toothpaste, dampen a piece of cotton or cloth a little. Squeeze a small amount of toothpaste on it right after. Wipe your cover thoroughly with this cotton or cloth you have prepared. Rinse immediately after and let dry. If you dry it with a dry cloth, you will ensure no water stains are left on the cover.


Cleaning silicone iPhone 13 cases using acetone is an effective method. However, you must be very careful because acetone may cause bleaching or deformations in the color of the covers due to its structure. You can apply this method using a piece of cotton or cloth. For this, after pouring acetone on cotton or cloth, wipe the cover without pressing it. Rinse and dry immediately after wiping the entire surface.

Dishwashing Liquid

Add some dish soap to warm water to clean your silicone phone case with dish soap. Immediately afterward, wipe the cover with the help of a cloth. Your iPhone 13 case will be clean thanks to the dirt-removing feature of the dishwashing detergent. However, at this point, you should pay attention to the fact that the water is not hot. Also, make sure that your detergent does not contain abrasive substances such as bleach. Otherwise, your case may be deformed.


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