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Cade Thompson was who? What do you know about Cade Thompson’s funeral? Many people, including the United States are looking for him from all over the globe. But, nobody knows the details of his death or obituary. This Cade Thompson Obituary post will provide information to our readers regarding the death and subsequent life of this child.

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Obituary by Cade Thompson

Cade, who was only eighteen years old, died October 20, 2021. His death was unexpected as he was only eighteen years old. The obituary of Cade was published immediately after his death. All the administration services to view his life were provided by Big Creek Baptist Church on October 23, 2021. The funeral services began at noon and the time for his appearance was 10:00 AM.

About Cade Thompson Obituary

His family released his obituary and Justin Rhodes handled all funeral services. The services were also performed by Andy Pittman. Although not much information is available online, it appears that Cade was born October 2, 2003. He was lively and full of life. Lorrie Thompson and Chris Thompson raised him. Everyone loved him and treasured his company. His loving nature was always appreciated by his family and friends. Everyone laughed at his chuckle.

We do not have any information about his life or Cade Thompson Obituary . We will keep you posted if more details are available.

Cause of death

He was a happy, young child who died very quickly. His passing shocked his entire family, particularly his parents. As a child of his loving family, everyone loved him. The cause of his death is still unknown. The cause of his death is still unknown to readers. Eight months have passed since his death, but no details regarding his death have been discovered. Many are still waiting to find out the cause of his death. The Cade Thompson Obituary is yet to be released.

Not all information has been made public yet. All details have been obtained from online sources and readers can trust them. We will notify you as soon as we know the cause of his passing.

Final Thoughts

This concludes the post. We have included all relevant information about his life and in this post. You can refer to his cause of death. His family had to live without him for so many hours. His soul may rest in peace and God give strength to his family.

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