Buzzcora Reviews contains the necessary information about the website as well as the tested results.

Are you someone who is passionate about trending clothes? Do you find that the traditional shops sell the same stock and get bored of seeing new styles? Buzzcora, a new clothing shopping website in the United States, sells more fashionable clothes at a much lower price.

We will now discuss the Buzzcora site and the Buzzcora Reviews of customers on the clothing website.

The Buzzcora store

Buzzcora, an online shopping website that excites customers, is a buzzword. Yes, they offer attractive and trendy accessories and clothing for women. There are thousands of trendy, feminine products available on this site.

These are their most popular products

  • Short skirts available in: Crystal Embedded (Summer Bird), Lace Shirt Skirt (Organza Crystal Embedded), Sequin, Feather Dresses and Black Onyx Dresses; Samara, Aqua Blazer, Etc
  • Suits and skirts – chudithars, hengas
  • Embroidered linen bag: Amanita Ferns Fox Under The Moon, Autumn Magic White Unicorn Berry Box, Thistle Rabbit Owl White Cats, Etc.


Is Buzzcora Legit? For customers to be able to verify its legitimacy, Buzzcora must provide authentic specification details.

  • People can purchase at:
  • E-Mail address: [email protected] , [email protected]
  • Contact Information:They didn’t provide the address details.
  • Telephone number:they did not provide the details of the telephone number
  • Social Media Activity:They have a different layout, but these pages are not functioning, so it’s impossible to find their social media activity.
  • Originality in Content:their content are original to buzzcora
  • Payment options PayPal, Visa and other payment methods are available
  • Customer reviews Buzzcora are not currently available on their website.
  • Privacy policy: They have provided all details of the policy and the email addresses to the complaints regarding privacy breaches
  • Return policyThey offer the fastest return policy, but customers will have to pay for returning the product
  • Refund Policy –customer-friendly policies for refunds can be viewed on their website.
  • Shipping policy They ship the products worldwide. Because they sell custom products, it takes more time to deliver. All countries receive free shipping, but international customers are responsible for paying the customs duties.

The Buzzcora reviews are not possible, and the website layouts and content don’t look professional. Therefore, this website must be evaluated.

Positive attributes

  • All international customers are eligible for free shipping
  • Each purchase will get customized offers


  • To purchase the product, the website redirects users to westkaly.
  • Some details of products don’t match product images.
  • Some product names are not correct.
  • Dates for certain products are estimated to be in 2020.
  • They have not provided the correct contact information.

Legitimacy evaluation

Buzzcora Legit is it real? Because being a legit company is not something you can do, but a command to follow, the best answer to this question is in the legitimacy analysis. This section will provide a detailed analysis of its legitimacy.

  • Domain Age:The domain was registered on the 1st of June 2022. The website has been online for less than 2 months.
  • Domain expiry Date:The domain expires on 1 June 2023. Short domain life
  • Name of the Registrar:The domain has been registered under NameSilo, LLC
  • Data Safety:HTTPS has been detected but it cannot determine its true data safety procedures.
  • Buzzcora Review: customer comments are not available online
  • The SEO score for the website is 53 %
  • Website Trust Index:it has scored just 2 %
  • Alexa global rank : 2284022
  • Plagiarism percent:0% plagiarized material, so their content are 100 %unique
  • Company namethey haven’t provided the detail.

Buzzcora review summary

This brand sells an array of stunning designer clothes and backpacks. But, no customer ratings or review, comments, or customer ratings can be found on their website. Although they announced a discounted rate, we could not find the comments on BuzzCora. This doesn’t sound like a legitimate one. You can read this Fraudulent Credit Card article.


The Buzzcora reviews article gives a detailed analysis. The website has many technical shortcomings, including a low trust index, false social media accounts, and inaccurate product information.

Additionally, the website uses another website to purchase applications. This could result in the theft of personal data. This website appears to not be legit.

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