Barrie can be a perfect combination of a small-town lifestyle with urban facilities. It is a beautiful yet mid-sized city about an hour’s drive away from Toronto. The city is most known for its beautiful waterfront and thriving tourism industry. Although, in recent years, it has been the chief focus of adults seeking financial stability and real estate investors. 

Many families are also moving here to appreciate quality living and a sense of satisfaction. It has twofold the demand for Barrie pre-construction homes. Are you also purchasing a pre-construction townhouse in Barrie or planning to buy one? This article addresses 10 things that you must know about Barrie. It will assist you in making the right decision without any hassle. 

Things You Must Know About Barrie 

Growing Economy

Barrie’s economy has been on the path to development for the past few years. Currently, the leading industries in the city are automobile, equipment manufacturing, and metal production. However, the commercial sector is expanding in the city. Thus, consider the current economic state and expected future when purchasing pre-construction homes in Barrie.

Booming Real Estate Industry 

The real estate industry of Barrie has been blooming in recent years. There has been a visible fluctuation in the prices of new construction homes. Thus, if you want to invest in Barrie’s real estate, now can be an ideal time for you. 

Attractive Tourism Spot

Barrie has always been an attractive tourism spot. Every year thousands of tourists visit the city and contribute to its economy. Real estate investors purchase affordable pre-construction condos for sale in Barrie and rent them. It generates revenue as visitors always look for a suitable place to stay. 

Favorable Location

Barrie lies at a favorable location at the shore of beautiful Lake Simcoe. Wherever you purchase a pre-construction condo in Barrie, you will never be far away from highway 400. The big cities like Toronto and Mississauga will only be a drive away. You can go there for shopping, work, or even lunch and come back the same day. 

Low Crime Rate

If you are considering relocating to Barrie with your family, you will be able to enjoy a sense of fulfillment. The neighborhood will be safe no matter where you buy pre-construction townhomes in Barrie. Fortunately, Barrie is one of the cities in Canada with the lowermost crime rate.

Rich in Nature 

The city is outstandingly rich in nature. There are several parks in each neighborhood. You will not have to drive to the country park for a morning walk. Moreover, the children will be able to play and grow in an eco-friendly environment. 

Beautiful Waterfront

Barrie is most known for its gorgeous waterfront. People from different cities and countries visit Barrie to appreciate its lakeside. By purchasing a new construction home in Barrie, you will be able to live nearby a waterfront. You can enjoy boating, fishing, and having a memorable picnic with your loved ones here! 

Long Winters 

If you are a winter lover, Barrie is perfect for you. The city has a long and harsh winter season that can last up to April. There will be no Christmas without snow once you get pre-construction condos for sale in Barrie. However, it can also be a shortcoming if you don’t prefer cold weather. 

Recreational Activities

If you think life in a mid-size city can be dull, Barrie will prove you wrong. There are numerous engaging activities that you can enjoy in Barrie. The town has several restaurants, museums, art galleries, and shopping malls. According to the weather, you can go hiking, swimming, or skiing for outdoor activities. 

Culturally Diverse

Lately, many people are moving towards Barrie from other cities and countries. Therefore, you can experience the diverse cultures here. An active tourism industry adds to its diversity. Thus, adjusting here will not be a problem once you purchase the pre-construction townhouse in Barrie.

Some On-Going Pre-Construction Housing Projects in Barrie 

  • Terra Barrie, Maple view Drive East & Yonge Street, Barrie, ON

Builder: Great Gulf 

Building TypeOwnershipSelling StatusConstruction Status
Town House &Single Family HomeFee SimpleRegistrationPre-construction
  • The Residences on Owen, 57 Owen Street, Barrie, ON

Builder: Ballantry Homes

Building TypeOwnershipSelling StatusConstruction Status
  • 405 Essa Road Condos, 405 Essa Road, Barrie, ON

Builder: Sean Homes

Building TypeOwnershipSelling StatusConstruction Status
  • SOBA, Patterson Road & Phillips Street, Barrie, ON

Builder: Sunrise Homes

Building TypeOwnershipSelling StatusConstruction Status
Town HouseFee SimpleRegistrationPre-construction


Now you are aware of the attributes and features of the waterfront city, Barrie. Whether you plan to settle here or invest, these things will help you choose wisely. Although, before purchasing the pre-construction homes in Barrie, research the latest market trends. It will increase the likelihood of better revenue.