Everyone is familiar with video games. There are a lot of games that are mobile-friendly compete with each with respect to their popularity. This article will focus on one of these games that has generated a lot of buzz on the web.

This post concerns Pokemon Go and its featuring Bulbasaur. Let’s take a look at the most talked about news regarding Bulbasaur 2022’s Community Day that has raised a lot of players their eyes around the world..

Let’s take a look at Pokemon Go, first.

About Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a mobile video game that was launched in the year 2016. The game’s reality was created and released by Niantic as well as the collaboration between Nintendo with the Pokemon Company. It is playable on IOS as well as Android.

The game requires the use of a mobile GPS to track the game’s locations, train, capture and battle with creatures called Pokemon. The game is similar to real-world scenario and contains hundreds of species of Pokemon. The game is extremely popular and more than 500 million players have played it and 147 million active gamers have played it.


Today, the Bulbasaur 2022 Community Day Classic has begun and is now accessible. Participants must physically explore the game’s map , and go to Pokestops which are the blue cube locations.

Players can design their avatars, which are displayed on the map. Poke spots and Pokegyms have “Lure Modules that draw wild Pokemon and other.

Different Pokemon species are found in various areas. The first step is to meet wild Pokemon. To do this, they need to throw an Poke ball towards it.

After completing the challenge, players receive two currencies in game: Candies as well as Stardust.

The day of community celebrations will go in full swing on January 22nd 2022.

Bulbasaur 2022 Community Day :

The day of community is scheduled to start on the 22nd of April from 2pm to 5pm local time. This day is special because it features Balbasuar as the primary Pokemon.

To celebrate the holiday season Heritage and the celebration of Heritage, the Pokemon Go game is hosting this Community Day Classic.

The main draw for this day is Balbasuar that is the seeds of the Pokemon. Spheal Community Day, which took place a week earlier on the 16th of January, and where the Venusaur hosted the event. Those who attend will be very well concerning this Frenzy plant.

What kind of bonuses do players receive during Community Day?

  • Bulbasaur is frequently visible on the ground.
  • The Balbasaur will be on display for the players to see during Bulbasaur 2022 Community Day.
  • Within two hours after the contest, Venusaur will charge the intended Frenzy Plant.
  • Lure and Incense Modules are activated during the event, and will last for 3 hours.
  • Participants can snap some photos as an unexpected surprise.
  • The model that is exclusive comes with Frenzy Plant trainer battles and Raids and gyms with 100 power.

Additionally players can also shop for bundles such as a special Community day box that contains 1.280 Pokecoins as well as 50 super-balls the five star pieces of the game, Lucky Eggs and an elite The TM.

The 30 ultra-balls are available free for purchase at the shop. There are many rewards waiting for you for you, so are you excited?

Final Verdict:

After a discussion about Bulbasaur 2022’s 2022’s community Day ,we havecleared that the day was special and filled with fun and rewards.

Additionally, we observed that participants are enthusiastic to take part in the event.

Are you a Pokemon Go video game player? Do you know more regarding Community Day? If yes, do comment below.