American actor Bruce Willis. His roles in numerous television series and movies are what made him famous. His most notable roles include Moonlighting and Die Hard. His TV debut was in A Guru Comes, 1980. In 1980, he made his film debut in The First Deadly Sin, 1980. Eh was also a singer and recorded three solo albums.

American actress Demi Moore. Her roles include General Hospital, Blame It on Rio, St. Elmo’s Fire and About Last Night Ghost. She also appeared in A Few Good Men, Indecent Proposal and Disclosure. In 1981, she made her film debut in Choices.

The Relationship of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore were married 13 years ago. They first met at the premiere of Stakeout, Los Angeles in July 1987. Demi began dating Bruce after she ended her relationship with Emilio Estevez. Bruce proposed to Demi on a Las Vegas trip. They were married in a suite at The Golden Nugget Hotel on November 21st 1987. A month later, they had a Hollywood-style wedding in front celebrities.

They have three children together. Rumer Willis was their first child. Their second daughter Scout was born in 1991. Tallulah was their last child. The couple split after 13 years of marriage. Source: Smooth Radio

What was the split between Demi Moore and Bruce Willis?

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis revealed their divorce in 1998. After that, they began to live apart. In 2000, they filed for divorce. They remained close friends after the divorce and continued to co-parent their daughters. Demi even had Bruce present at her next marriage. They were even seen chatting. Demi wrote heartfelt words in an Instagram post to Bruce following his diagnosis with frontotemporal dementia.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s Children

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis have three daughters, as already mentioned. Rumer Glenn Willis was their first child. She was born August 16, 1988. She is also an actor. Her roles include Hostage, The House Bunny and Sorority Row. She also appeared in Empire, 90210, Empire, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Scout LaRue Willis was conceived on 20 July 1991. Scout Willis is an actor and singer. Tallulah Belle Williams is an actress.

Bruce Willis Relationship History

Bruce Willis, who married Demi Moore in 1987, had three children with her. Brooke Burns, who he was then dating after their divorce in 2000, became his new girlfriend. They got engaged, and split in 2004. Emma Heming, an American and British model, was her bride. She married him in Turks and Caicos Islands on March 21, 2009. Moore and his three daughters attended the wedding. After six days of planning, they had a civil ceremony in Beverly Hills. They have two daughters. They are named Evelyn Penn Willis and Mabel Ray Willis.

Demi Moore Relationship History

Demi Moore married Freddy Moore before her marriage to Bruce Willis. When she was just 18 years old, she married him on February 8, 1981. In 1983, the couple divorced. She began a relationship with Timothy Hutton later. In 1985, she ended her first marriage to Freddy. Emilio Estevez was her co-star and she was engaged to him. She began dating Willis after they called off their engagement. In 1987, she married Willis and the couple divorced in 2000. Between 1999 and 2002, she dated Oliver Whitcomb (martial arts instructor). In 2003, she began dating Ashton Kutcher, an actor, and they were married September 24, 2005. Moore and Kutcher announced their separation in November 2011.