There are plenty of eye colours and the most common of them are brown eyes. Brown eyes contribute about 55 to 79 per cent of the eye colours worldwide. Dark brown eyes are common in East Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa while light brown is common in West Asia, America and Europe.

The rarest eye colour is green. Grey and hazel are less common. Blue is rare with only 8 per cent of people having this eye colour worldwide.

The reason behind different eye colours

The reason why some eyes are brown while some are blue is because of a pigment called melanin. This pigment is responsible for the colour of your skin, hair and eyes. Brown and dark brown eyes have a lot of melanin content. While blue eyes have the least amount of melanin content in them.

Do you know babies at the time of birth have blue eyes? They lack pigment. In the six months, the iris get the pigment and turn darker shades. The eye colour changes in this period of time. Eye colour doesn’t change in the latter part of life. However, they darken as you age.

In some cases, health conditions can alter the colour of the eyes. Because of trauma or iris injury, the appearance of the eyes can change.

Also, you can not predict the eye colour of the child depending on the parent’s eye colour. Eye colour depends on chromosome 15. There are two genes responsible for melanin production and storage. In simpler terms, you cannot determine the colour from parents eyes. Both blue-eyed parents can have a brown-eyed child.

It is also possible to have two different colours of eyes or different colours in the same eye. This condition is called heterochromia, a genetic defect caused by faulty transport of pigments or a benign genetic disorder.

Some facts about brown eyes –

  1. Brown eyes are less likely to develop age-related macular degeneration. As brown eyes have a lot of melanin which protects the inner part of the eyes from the harsh sunlight, many damages from the sun or eye diseases are less likely to affect.
  2. Brown eyes are at low risk of type 1 diabetes and melanoma of the eye.
  3. Brown-eyed people are considered more trustworthy than others. Other facial features make up that assumption too. (Fun fact — people with grey eyes are perceived as smartest, blue eyes are more expressive than others, green eyes are adventurous and brown eyes are more kind.)
  4. Brown-eyed people are less susceptible to hearing issues.
  5. Women with brown eyes experience more pain during childbirth.

Most of these facts are a result of surveys. The results are not absolute and can vary. Also, there are no scientific researches to suggest smartness or intelligence linked to eye colour. Intelligence is mostly dependent on education, living conditions and other factors. Eye colour is not an indicator of smartness or intelligence.

Are Brown eyes attractive?

For this question, I can say this famous saying — beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Blue eyes are attractive as they are rare. Angelina Jolie’s eyes are considered to be the most beautiful eyes in the world. They are heterochromatic with blue colours. It doesn’t mean brown eyes are any less sexy or unwanted. Brown are most common and also beautiful too. Some people might find brown eyes or dark brown eyes more attractive than others. Others might find light brown eyes attractive. It depends on people’s preferences.

How to make your brown eyes stand out?

Glasses are prominent accessories. There’s no other accessory that can attract the attention of the onlookers. And the glasses that accentuate your brown eyes, even better.

For this, you will need clear lenses that do not hide your eyes but clearly shows their beauty. Anti-glare glasses cut glare and give a clear vision. Apart from better clarity, these glasses are aesthetically pleasing as they do not let any reflections form on the lenses surface. This clearly shows the eyes behind the lenses and does not hide them.

With better quality anti-glare lenses, you will also need stylish glasses frames to accentuate the brown eyes. Try out these styles for your brown eyes.

  1. Transparent glasses — Transparent glasses or see-through glasses are low key glasses that enhance your facial feature more and look more dashing with equally chic outfits. Your brown eyes will come out prominent behind crystal clear glasses.
  2. Rimless glasses — Like transparent glasses, rimless glasses are also low key. However, rimless glasses gives out a more elegant vibe. Brown eyes look better with rimless frames. There are no colours to take away attention from your eyes.
  3. Black glasses — Black glasses are the most neutral glasses frames that look good on just everyone. Black glasses make your eyes appear even darker. Try black glasses in thinner rims to make your brown eyes shine.
  4. Korean glasses — Korean glasses show more of your eyes than some hipster thick rim glasses. Try them out to stand out more.
  5. Brown glasses — Try out uniform coloured brown glasses. You can go for lighter shades to make your eyes look captivating. Also, brown shades blend well with your skin tone and look great on you.