Are you aware of the latest Philip or American beauty that is affecting YouTube in recent times? If not, check out the article below for more details!

The people from United Statesand Canadaare more enthused by YouTube and is awash with videos that are viral for specific instructions and humor. In awe of social media People have multiple reality shows. Then there’s Batman’s first appearance as an openly gay character in 2021.

Our experts below have listed certain awards and specifics of makeup tutorials given by a well-known reality television show as well as YouTube creator Bretman Rock Proud Family.

More Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock Sacayanan laforge, often referred to as Bretman is a well-known Filipino American beauty influencer born in Hawaii Honolulu on July 31, 1998.

Popular for his YouTube videos as well as content that is related to makeup tutorials, he’s had the best results in a viewer’s preference and has made it through the social media superstars in 2021.

It was the first open-game to be covered by the Playboy reality television show. He was cast in the role of Bretman Rock due to his bravery and beauty. MTV show will debut in 2021.

As an honorary and multiple award-winning character, he launched his own business following his wrestling experience and then becoming a professional athlete in Hawaii.

Find out more below to gain insight into the life that is the Bretman Rock Proud Family..

Early Life and Career Early Life

From 7 years old the boy has been involved in sports and grew up to be a soccer and baseball player at Campbell High School in Hawaii.

In the wake of his new profession and his later career, he turned to a comedian and mom creator on YouTube in which he talks about beauty tips and vines on the management of life.

Since 2015, he’s attracted 548 million users that are active on YouTube. The list in The Times magazine among the 30 most influential teams, he’s earned himself a spot in the Forbes”under 30″ list. Asian marketer.

The company also brought about an era of revolution in 2021 following the launch of Bretman Rock Proud Family and his own MTV show, as well as a television show that was rewarded by the social stars who broke through category.

Date and Time of Bretman Rock

Since the 28th of January, a well-known show known as reality TV been launched, and the very first ever casting was broadcast on the 9th of February.

Sharing is a matter of interest for close family and friends. This results in dates and schedules announced to:

  • The Single Bretman Sacks Up for Adventure was launched on February 8 and has attracted six million people watching.
  • Bretman Rock opens his father’s Death on February 15th with more than 6 million viewers.

What is the reason why the Bretman Rock Proud family Popular?

With well-known news being spread all on the internet, users have realized the value of Huawei characters that have risen to the role of a YouTube makeup artist as well as a skilled gay man who has opened up his personal life.

His confidence is a testament to the its richness, the subject is in the news!


To conclude this report our experts have stated that the records have revealed Rock to be the victor of the beauty influence awardin the 45th voters’ choice award on the newest Hollywood list.

Let us know your thoughts on the ceremony and nominees that he was awarded in 2021!

Do you know of the fact that Bretman Rock Proud Familyhas been selected for an GLAAD awards for media?