Are you looking online for a particular item? This article will direct you to the right track and provide you with shopper’s Boujee Hippie Rating.

Do you enjoy body-conforming wear? Are you looking to purchase stylish clothing at online marketplaces? Online shopping is a great way to find stylish apparel in many countries, including the United States. It’s easy to get almost anything on the website, and even discounted offers.

Boujee Hippie is the exact same website that claims to sell apparel, body-shape wear, and weight management. To see the product details, click on the URL to view user Boujee Hypie Reviews.

About Boujee Hippie

Boujee Hippie sells a limited range of products, including apparel, weight management, clothing, and body shape wear. Boujee Hippie doesn’t offer discounts on the site at this time. However, you can always wait for the sale. Boujee Hippie won’t accept orders for the period 21-07/2022 to 25-07/2022. It will resume 26/07/2022.

The webpage also contains all the other information it has, so you can look through that content before buying the items from Boujee.

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Specifications To Boujee Hippie

  • The website URL is
  • Boujee Hippie claims it has BAWDY Shapewear. Weight Management. Apparel.
  • Boujee hippie has shared the company’s address, which is 3160 Commonwealth Dr., Suite 130 Dallas TX 75247.
  • Boujee Hippie mentions the working hours as being 10:00 AM – 4:00PM EST.
  • Boujee hippie has also confirmed that Customer Service will not be available between Dec 23rd and 26, and Dec 31st and Jan 3rd. Shipping is not permitted during holidays.
  • It mentions the contact number at (248)829-1168
  • Boujee Hippie also drops the email address, i.e., [email protected].
  • Shopper’s Boujee Hippopotamy Reviews doesn’t exist on the verified platform, website, etc.
  • Boujee hippie’s activities have left the social media platform empty. Means no pages.
  • Boujee Hippie will take five business day to process your order.
  • Within 30 days, you can request a return reimbursement via the Boujee Hippie portal.
  • Boujee Hippie accepts different online payment options, such as paypal and others.
  • Boujee hippie is secured by a security certifiable.
  • No additional shipping charges are required if the order valve is greater than $75.


  • Boujee Hippie Recommendationsyou may use the communication information as all the points are shared on the site.
  • Boujee Hippie identifies as a producer of high quality products.
  • Boujee Hippie’s website is secured using SSL and HTTPS.

Website Drawbacks

  • Boujee Hippie shared fake company locations. Google Maps does indeed not have this location.
  • Boujee Hippie’s website is messy with little content.
  • Boujee Hippie accepts the shipping fees with very limited terms and conditions.
  • We couldn’t find reviews from shoppers anywhere.
  • Boujee Hippie is not on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Is Boujee Hippie Legit ?

  • Boujee Hippie is a domain creator with a date of 12/05/2019.
  • Boujee Hippie ends up on 12/05/2023.
  • Boujee hippie achieved the trust rank online, i.e. 88.7/100. This seems to be reasonable.
  • Boujee hippie has a trust indicator, i.e. 76%.
  • It is unknown if Boujee Hippie founder ever existed.
  • Boujee hippie doesn’t have any reviews from shoppers.
  • Boujee hippie pages are not available on any social media site.
  • Boujee Hippie authored copied content and incorrectly managed data to the portal.

Boujee Hippie seems questionable, so shop here at your own risk. Input absence is a significant problem.

User Boujee Hippie Comments

Boujee Hippie has a range of body-shape apparel, apparel, as well as other products, which you can try once. Before you shop, read user feedback. While we tried to gather feedback from Boujee Hippie customers, there was no visible line on our trust pilot. Please wait for reviews. Please review the points on protecting your money from paypal.


Last but not least, some details to end this post: Boujee Hippie reviews not available, body shapewear

, apparel etc. Boujee Hippie sold, fake company name, good trust rank. Boujee Hippie closed down for a couple of days, no social networking activity. The site is questionable. This site appears questionable.

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