Are you a lover or manga character Boruto? Are you eagerly awaiting the publication of Boruto Chapter 66? Are you curious the date of its release? If yes, then stay on the article.

In accordance with the last chapter’s release date, Boruto Chapter 66 should be released shortly which is why Boruto fans all over the world are eagerly awaiting the release. Furthermore, Boruto manga lovers are also looking for spoilers on the internet. Therefore, in this post we will talk about the 66th chapter of Boruto and the date of its release.

What happened in Chapter 65 of Boruto?

Boruto was close to collapsing moment during the battle following the unleashing of the Karma making use of some Momoshiki Otsutsuki’s powers and abilities during Boruto Chapter 64.

The fans were right to expect Momoshiki’s return, and the reason he’s doing it is within Boruto 65 Chapter cloaking the battlefield in fog. Boruto is under the influence of Momoshiki despite not having utilized all his chakras and he recommends that people make use of the opportunity to escape Code.

But, Code grabs advantage of the circumstance to ensure Kawaki to be a sacrifice for the Ten-Tails.

In the first Chapter of Boruto Chapter 66 in which we find Kawaki Naruto’s son who was not able to stand the thought of Naruto Uzumaki’s death , and jumped into the rescue of Boruto. Kawaki is nearly snatched away by Momoshiki however Momoshiki is eventually smashed away effortlessly. Then, Momoshiki battles Boruto’s father Naruto by using the powerful Chou Oodama Rasegan however, when it appears that the only hope was in total ruin, we watch Kawaki takes in the Rasengan using karma that could never have existed at all.

The adopted child of Naruto Kawaki returns to the karma with the most stunning of looks and is adorned with the same markings as Boruto Ishhiki’s famous horn and Kawaki’s left ear completely disfigured into an upward-pointing triangle.

The release date for the Boruto 66 Chapter be released?

Anyone who is aware of the Boruto franchise are aware that each chapter is released at an unspecified time period of one month. The most recent chapter was released on the 20th of November. According to the plan, the first Boruto Chapter 66 will be published on January 20, 2022. The fact that no announcement has been made concerning the delay is a factor in the anticipation of watching our heroes again.

Boruto Chapter Spoilers from 66

In the preceding chapter Naruto Next Generations, we can see Kawai leaps into action to help save Naruto through the adsorption of a charged and powerful Chou Oodama Rasengan. This is a surprise to everyone. There was no Naruto Chapter 66 spoilers. However, there is a chance for a possibility Chapter 66 will uncover how Kawai was absorbed by an Rasengan.

As we watch the horns of Isshiki and the finger pattern emerging, Kawaki has sparked a new Karma kind, with Kawaki’s left eye sporting a delicately colored upside triangle. In the end, we’ll learn more about Kawaki’s new Karma-shaped karma in Chapter 66 as well being able to see the way Naruto, Eida, Code and Boruto react to his new powers.


Boruto Chapter 66 will uncover Kawai’s new karma as well as how other people react to it. We’ll also learn how Kawai can use his new abilities.