What is the most popular reason people work out, diet or exercise? Weight loss. Losing weight is one of the primary factors that drive people to go healthy and physically fit. However, these methods require a commitment of time and lifestyle change which many might not have the willingness for luxury. Body contouring is one of the best solutions for those looking for safety procedures to help them reach their body goals and regain their health and confidence. Hurstville is a suburb in New South Wales, famously known as the ‘Little Hong Kong,’ hosting a population of over 30,000 residents. Over 10,000 of them are young men and women between 20-35. This group actively aims to keep their bodies fit and aesthetically pleasing. Mybodi clinic in Hurstville provides the best service for the residents to achieve their body targets through consultations and procedures from trusted professionals. The first step before undergoing any procedure is education. One must understand their own body, the procedure, process, recovery and effects. This article addresses people’s common questions regarding body sculpting or body contouring processes. 

What Issues Does Body Contouring Resolve?

Body sculpting or contouring is a surgical procedure that helps people remove excess fat and loose skin and reshape the body parts they feel uncomfortable with. While the process does not help lose body weight, it targets specific areas where conventional weight loss methods are ineffective. Scientifically, body contouring fixes the number of fat cells in the body from getting enlarged. They do so by destroying the cells, rendering them unable to regenerate in the future. Liposuction is the most well-known contouring procedure that people undergo for weight loss. 

Are There Different Types In the Procedure?

Body contouring involves both surgical and non-surgical methods. The surgical method involves liposuction, where professionals use appropriate equipment to suck the fat deposits from the body. Other surgical procedures include tucks and lifts to remove excess fat or skin. For example, facelifts, breast lifts, tummy tucks and double chin surgery. Non-surgical procedures include cryo lipolysis, laser lipolysis, injection lipolysis and radiofrequency lipolysis. 

What Body Parts Does Body Sculpting Target?

People with specific aesthetic goals undergo body sculpting addressing specific areas that diets and exercises do not. One can undergo the procedure to make their skin look younger and smoother. The procedure removes saggy, loose, and wrinkled skin and excess fat in the thighs, arms, buttocks, neck, back, belly and flanks.

What Can One Expect from the Surgical Process?

While there is a misconception that body sculpting processes are harmful or dangerous, it is certainly not so. Hurstville is one of the areas known for its medical services. At centres like Mybodi Clinic in Hurstville, medical professionals consult patients and discuss their goals, medical history, medications, and lifestyle, conduct examinations, and educate them about options and recovery. After the surgery, the team provides recovery instructions that may include carding for drains, minimising physical movement, reporting complications, prescribing medications and avoiding the sun. The recovery time for surgical procedures might take a few weeks or months, while the recovery time for non-surgical procedures is relatively short or nonexistent. They provide support before, during and after the procedure to ensure the utmost safety and comfort of the clients. 

How Do People Benefit from Body Contouring? 

People who undergo body contouring can enjoy a defined, well-shaped body with younger, healthier-looking skin. The procedures provide quicker results than other weight loss methods. However, there might be a recovery time. It can help boost their confidence and open doors in their personal and professional lives that they might not have before. Hurstville residents can enjoy summer city beaches like Ramsgate and Rocky Point to flaunt their sculpted bodies in exotic swimwear.